Friday, February 4, 2011

a list

-In four weeks I'll be in the hospital having a baby.

-We still haven't agreed upon a moniker for the little one.

-That wonderful mattress we bought last year wasn't as wonderful as we had hoped. So we took it back on Monday.

-The new one won't be here until Wednesday.

-We're sleeping on the couch.

-For eight nights.

-I'm having a baby in four weeks.

-Would you believe the couch is more comfortable?

-While driving, I still sometimes go to push the clutch in or shift gears.

-These are supposed to be the best mattresses made.

-I'm accepting donations.

-Without a mattress on our bed frame, I can see what's been under my bed for the past millennium.

-It's scary.

-Friday Night means Pizza Night at our house.

-And a movie from the red box.

-I'm having a baby in thirty days.

-the end.


Sampson Family said...

So...when is your baby due? I may have missed it :)

Momoko Photography said...

Go Rachel go! Go Rachel go!. I still like Dane by the way.