Wednesday, October 8, 2014


About 15 months ago, I was in New York City with my mom and sisters.
I was totes preggers at the time.
Flying 6 hours had amazing side effects for pregnancy related swelling. 

We saw Jay Z at the airport.

Why am I talking about New York?

The other day on Facebook, my cousin Davey posted a link to the real, true, authentic recipe for the Cronut. I almost did a cartwheel. Pretty sure I actually did a fist pump and exclaimed, "YES!!"

Dominique Ansel is the creator of these amazing treats. The first flavor came out in May, we were in New York in July. I convinced two of my sisters to get up before the sun, ride the subway, walk a little ways, and then stand in line for over two hours to buy some Cronuts.

Totally worth it. And to quote what I wrote on Facebook:

"I pre-ordered his book months ago! I cannot wait to get it in the mail. AprilKristin and I stood in line for 2 hours when we were in NY last summer. Those cronuts are the most delicious, exquisite pastry item I have ever eaten in my entire life. The knockoff's I've seen, and tasted seriously do not even come close to replicating the symphony of deliciousness those delectable pastry's play upon ones tongue. I am not even exaggerating. I will be making these!! Thanks for sharing the link!!" 

The flavor we had was Blackberry with lime infused sugar, or something like that. 

The recipe says they take three days to make.

Aaron's birthday is on Tuesday.

I will be making these for his birthday.

Monday, October 6, 2014

leavenworth marathon

Well, it didn't go as I expected.
Can't blame it on anything, my training went awesome.
Except for getting sick the week before and ending up with a sinus infection two days before the race, everything else was pointing to finishing around 3:50:00.

4:25:21, was my final time.
My first 13.1 was 1:52.
Second half ended up at 2:31.

Despite it sucking, I loved every minute of it.
And I'm already looking forward to running another marathon.

And now for some pictures:

The line of potty's waiting to be filled up.

Aaron and I stayed the night at my friend Kirsten's home.
Her dad was there visiting. Her girls were there....I cannot tell you how adorable they were. Her husband, also named Aaron, came home from work later on.
We spent the evening catching up on the last 13 years.
I loved being able to chit-chat as if we hadn't gone that long without being face-to-face.

We had to be up and at 'em at 5:30am, but here's the note she had posted on the door:

Totally made my morning.
Thanks, Kirsten!!

Here's some shots I took with the phone:

Mandatory shuttle to the starting line.

The first 10 miles were downhill. So pretty! And not this blurry in real life.

Leavenworth is surrounded by these beautiful mountains.

Aaron's snapshots. He brought a bike to ride around to different parts of the course.
About this time, I was starting to feel the effects of still being sick, but trying my darndest to keep up the pace.

Aaron had given me part of a Powerbar to eat. I turned around to give him a nice, big, sweaty, stinky hug as a thank-you.

A few miles later, this happened. That's me leaving behind a present by that lilac bush.

Trying to keep up the pace didn't really work after that.

But running marathons are so much fun!!!!

 The absolute worst part was mile 24. I tried so, so hard, but just couldn't get my body to go any faster.

Finishing the race sequence:

I guess one complaint would be how weird? confusing? physiological? it was to have the half marathoners running with us. Their race started two hours after ours and followed the same last half of the course. I can remember thinking at mile 17 that all these people passing me were only on mile 4, and that they were supposed to be going that fast.

But this guy is my hero. I love him. 


Friday, October 3, 2014


No I am not pregnant. Been there, done that "surprise" thing twice.

But I am running in a marathon tomorrow!!

The Leavenworth Marathon.

It starts at 7am. You know, I would really like to run a marathon that started in the afternoon, like around 1 or 2. I think that would be really nice.

Anyways, so I'm running this race and I'm really looking forward to it. My mom is coming over and watching some of the kids, the older two will be staying with some friends. It's just gonna be Aaron and I. He and me. Me and him. The two of us. Nice and simple.

The first marathon I ran, he completely missed me finishing. I was a speed demon and finished before I thought. ((4:47))

The second marathon , my mom, his parents and our kids were there. Blake was just wee lad. I finished that race in 4:02.

My hopes for this race is to finish. The wonderful cold I had, turned into a sinus infection. Yay!!!!! But I'm really hoping to at least beat my last time and break into the 3 hour mark. We'll see how it goes.

And just incase you're curious, here's a map of the course some dude rendered up last year:

For real though, I'm pumped and ready!

I love, love, love running. It means so much more to me than just the exercise, the alone time, the scenery, etc. Kinda-sorta like how Eric Liddel explains it to his sister in the Chariots of Fire. I'm most definitely not as fast as he was, but I am indeed grateful for every step I'm able to run.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

for laylo

Dear Aunt Lael,

These are for you.

Love, your lazy sister.

Cade's first day of kindergarten!!
He was super excited the first day.
Then cried everyday after that for a whole week.
Didn't realize he had to go to school everyday for the next 13 years.
He's good now.

One day I put Oneil and Carly's hair in ponytails.

So pretty.

She squats like a boss.
All day, errday.

Cade brought home the back-to-school sickness.
Shared it with Carly and Oneil and me.

Oneil said his stuffy-nose hurt and asked for a bandaid.
He wore it for an entire day.  

And Carly is 10 months old!!
Lily and I celebrated by painting her toe nails.

And then I took a ba-jillion pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

every year

Appreciating the simple things of life. 
Being able to do them with the ones who call me mom.

I will always remember.
I will never forget.