Friday, November 14, 2014

her hair after naps


First time eating cheerios for breakfast.

Playing a little 'Guess Who'.

Last time mowing the lawn this season.

Picking up the apples before it snows.

Spelling his words.

veteran's day

Thursday, November 6, 2014

and this was halloween

The last time we went to the downtown trick-or-treating thing, Cade was 2 1/2.  But a friend texted earlier in the day and asked if we wanted to go, and at first I was like, no. But then I realized the kids wouldn't care if they weren't feeling 100% ((some of them had been feeling yucky for a couple days)). So we went. And all was well.

And then after a quick dinner and potty break, we hit the houses up for their candy. 

Do you know how nice it is to not care what your kids dress-up as on Halloween? Corgan came up with his all on his own. He was either going to be Indiana Jones or Joseph Smith. Both equally cool. He ended up going as Indy 'cause we didn't have the right necktie, scarf thing. Lily was a witch. Again. Love that girl and her simplicity and sticking with what she loves. Blake and Cade, the mighty duo, were both the skeletons. We just happened to have both costumes that were each a wee bit too big for both, but they didn't care. Neither did I! And then there's Oneil. He was the Care Bear last year. But that's all he said he wanted to be after seeing the costume a month ago. For real...look at how happy he is. And Carly is wearing the exact same thing that Corgan wore his first Halloween. Easy-peasy. Not caring is so nice sometimes.

And then on Sunday, Carly thoroughly enjoyed some cookies.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

oh, and we carved pumpkins

counting down the days already

It's not happening until late, late July next year, but I am already counting down the days until Girls Camp!

I am still the Stake 4th Year Leader. Which means I still get to make the girls go on an overnight hike that makes them experience some sort of physical pain. And I talked those in charge, and they are letting me take them up for two nights before camp! Yessss! Seriously though, teenagers these days are soft and weak and need to PUT DOWN THEIR DANG PHONES!! I clearly have no strong opinion on how technology is ruining youth everywhere.

Yesterday, I was able to tag along with the Stake YW Presidency as they checked out our new digs for next year. Our stake has always, always camped at Ensign Ranch. Next year we're headed up the mountains to Camp Zarahemla. Camp Z, for short. Super excited.

It does have its pros and cons. But two of the biggest pluses is that we will be the only ones camping. No sharing!! (although sharing is caring) And it's also just a new place to try out. I think the girls are really going to like it.

((cell phone shots))

One of the really big cons is that the lake if fah-reezing cold. Like, cold enough that if you're in it for more than a few minutes, you die of hypothermia. Leeeeeetle cold. The brainstorming has begun for what other types of water stuff we can do with the girls.

Carly gnawing on my apple core on the way there. It kept her occupied for a good half hour.
  ((normal camera shots))

Some really cool  mushrooms were growing everywhere up there.
This one was cool to see it popping up out of the earth.

And here's one that's fully popped up.

I was really excited to see the Larch trees! 
Go here for a quick definition of them.
They are only this color right before their needles fall off.
Perfect timing!

Oneil sitting in a tree chair, not wanting to look at me take a picture.