Thursday, February 18, 2010

totally true

Rob Reiner was having an off day.

He was in the middle of writing the screenplay for The Princess Bride, and he had hit a creative wall. His brain just couldn't think of the right words to describe the torture chamber.

He called us up and asked if he could come over and mull things over for a bit. We said, "Yes!" And I would even make him cookies to help him get his creative juices flowing again.

After an hour or two, he became sleepy so I suggested he take a quick nap on our bed before he headed out.

Mr. Reiner thought that was a splendid idea and off he went to catch some zzz's.

When he emerged from our room a short nap time later, he exclaimed, "Your mattress is the pit of despair!"

Right then he had the "A-ha" moment he had been waiting for....the torture chamber would be called The Pit of Despair! And thanks be given to us for letting him experience our crappy mattress which led him to that brilliant discovery.

We sent him on his merry way. And if you happen watch the credits at the end of the film you'll see a personalized message thanking us for our ridiculously uncomfortable mattress.

Totally true.

But what's even more amazing than that fun little story, is the fact that we no longer have to sleep on a pit of despair mattress.

We, with the help from our old Uncle Sam, have purchased a new mattress that doesn't have its own gravitational force that kept us rightnexttoeachother all night. Now I can sleep without even touching my husband!

I have never slept so good.

And that is totally true.


Josh and Jolie said...

Oh my FREAKING gosh, are you serious?! The inspiration for some of the Princess Bride came from your family?! That has got to be the most awesome thing I've ever heard, considering that the Princess Bride is still in my top 5.
Sure, thousands of movies have come and gone in the last 20 years, but I have always LOVED that movie!!

I mean, I always knew your family was awesome, but WOW. You guys are super AWESOME!!! How do you know Rob Reiner?

ray-ray says said...

he was married to my fourth dads, third cousin, twenty times removed.

so we're tight.



AmyLee said...

Holy crap. Where do you come up with this stuff?

Congrats on the new mattress!!

Momoko Photography said...

A good mattress is everything. I mean everything.