Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sugar and spice

When our dear princess gets tired, or not, she turns into a fiery ball of fun and yells out things that are pretty funny.

Not funny ha-ha, but funny because she is so dang serious when yelling them with all 32 pounds of force she puts behind each word.

"Moooom! If you don't carry me inside, I'm going to throw you out in the dumpster and the garbage man will come and take you away to the dump! And then you'll be dirty!"

"You are making me so, so, so angry! And totally frustrating me!"

"Corgan! If you don't give that back, I'm going to punch your face in and that will hurt!"

"I want Blake to go away and not come back until nap time!"

But then she can be oh, so nice...

"Daddy, I love you in my heart."

"Can Cade sleep with me so I can hold him if he has a bad dream?"

"You make the best cheese quesadillas, Mom."

I know. It's because I heat them up in a pan so they get crispy.

Now eat your lunch before I throw you out in the dumpster.



LOL! Kids are too funny! I love the dumpster one!

Plain City Dickamores said...

be thankful she has both, image how she would be with all spice:)