Tuesday, February 1, 2011

check, please

I am sooooo over this whole "being pregnant" thing.

Tums and I have become really close friends these past couple of weeks. I can't even drink water without having to pop two of those babies. But after some very indepth detective work, I came to the conclusion that chocolate is one of the main things giving me heartburn.

Shoot me now.

That's like one of my required food groups. At least 8 servings a day. Twice that if I want to keep my slim, preggo figure.

I guess that means no more raiding the bag of chocolate chips for me.


Melissa said...

This made me laugh. Except for not really because that the end of pregnancy is definitely not a laughing matter. Hang in there, you are almost done!

Anonymous said...

I eat tums just beacuse. They are like candy for me....plus they are a good source of calcium. :0) BTW all your stories of being prego are NOT getting me excited about the whole experience.