Monday, January 31, 2011

today is a special day

They are only allowed to play the Wii on Saturday's.

We're nice like that.

But despite that fun rule, Blake wakes up almost every morning and asks,

"So can I play Mario Kart, or what?"

I think I might bend that rule today. It's semester break for the kids and that means no school. Mr. Smith still has school because he teaches in another school district. And to help my day go a little smoother with having all the kids at home((where did they all come from anyways???)), I'm going to bestow upon them the privilege of playing the Wii on a non-Saturday day.

I told you I'm nice.


Song Sparrow said...

We have a similar rule at our house. No Wii or PS2/PS3 on school nights. So there is no rushing to do homework, etc. I had the same rule growing up and it worked. We have bent the rule on a snow day or holiday breaks. But it's important that they play..with toys. We've found days that they complain about playing. It's like good grief, playing should be fun!