Friday, January 28, 2011

still cooler

Here they are.

Really fun, uber-exciting pictures of the inside of our van.

You'll notice that the inside design is the same as our old, beloved Vanagon.


I miss that piece of metal.

You're probably noticing how roomy it is on the inside. It is. And I can testify that it's the best design for getting your four kids out in case of a fire. Amen.

And if you look under the HUGE storage area in the back, you might see some white-looking material. Those are the curtains. Awesome, I know! For our last van, Aaron made the curtains. A man of many talents. Did you know he even sewed the interior of our '69 Volvo? I think I might try and get him to make a dress for Lily next...

As you can see, we still have a table to sup at as a family while on vacation.

Here's what we look like in your rear view mirror.

And there you have it, our newest mode of transportation. It's the closest thing to owning another Vanagon while still making my mommy happy.

Oh, and here are some links for those of you who think that this only happens to older vehicles and Vanagons....


more recalls

even more recalls

still, even more recalls

And here is a link to the recalls for Vanagons....none of which have to do with possible engine fires.


erickson zone said...

Yes, I agree, very cool indeed!

Matt May said...

I have been looking at Beetles lately! I really want one