Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the replacement

Aaron flew down to drive the replacement back. And he was thoughtful enough to take a few pictures to show his offspring back at home.

"This is the place" we found the van. Thank-you, world wide web.

Look how happy he is!

And look at his mad skills at taking a self-portrait of himself while driving!

He had an 11 hour drive ahead of him. Nothing but him and the wide open spaces before him.

He broke up the super exciting, solo drive by spending the night with a favorite, old mission companion. Who just so happened to name his first born son after him. That is what an awesome, spiritual giant my husband is. I was a little sad to not be there with him. The stories those two Elder's have to tell are pretty entertaining.

Then the next day brought more of this.

And he even managed to take a picture of one of my favorite landmarks. I'm not kidding, and I'm not sure why either, it just is. But if any of you know where this is, the next time I see you, I'll give you a high five. Promise.

Then like the pig, he was home again, home again, jiggity-jig. He beat us coming home from church by 40 seconds. Good timing, Bro. Smith.

It's been a nice replacement. It still doesn't feel like ours yet; probably will after we take it camping and make it smell like campfire.


SSToone said...

Nice upgrade!:) Yeah, the old Lyme plant is pretty interesting especially compared to the other things there are to see on that particular stretch of road!

SSToone said...

Oops. Lime*.

SarahJane said...

ha ha. ...My dad has stories about driving through lime before the freeway was built.

Hoovy4 said...

Yea for a safe trip and an awesome van. You can always have one of you kids throw up in the van... that will make it feel like yours, too!

The Royals said...

We drive up to Washington almost every year so I am very familiar with that plant. We usually see it at night, though. And it's at this point when I wonder why we just don't fly!

The Dillon 6 said...

is that place still in Washington, but before Oregon? I think I've only seen it in the dark.

Good luck with the replacement. sucka'. ;)

Kristi Martone said...

A newer edition even! Woo-hoo! And who DOESN'T know where that old factory looking thing is along the infamous utah :)

erickson zone said...

So glad you got a new van. Here's to many years of undiabolical happenings.