Friday, January 21, 2011


I am done with snow. I'd say about 90% of what we had is melted and gone.

Aaron came in the other after throwing out the trash and he said, "Guess what I just did?"

And I said, "Your job."

He ignored that comment and said, "I just ran across the grass in the front yard."

Can some of you even remember what grass looks like? Even when it is in its winter state of mostly yellow and brown with just a trace of green, it's still pretty. And it is making my hankering for warmer weather stronger.

I do love living in a place where we experience all four seasons. Just when you've had enough with the stupid snow, it melts. And when that inferno of sun has your blood boiling with rage, the leaves start to fall. Change is good.

Totally switching gears here....

Aaron leaves tonight on a journey that will end with him driving home in our new vehicle. He'll arrive back home on Sunday after traveling about 1,600 miles in retrieval of the newest member of our family.

Let's hope it doesn't blow-up on him.