Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another drive over the mountains.

Another visit with my baby doctor.

Another three pounds added to my portly body.

But good news!! I asked him when he thought I might be ready to have this baby and he said, "How does March 4th sound?" I told him that maybe I should keep the thing cooking another week or so.

Yeah, right!

So March 4th it is.

Another 46 days.

Another baby boy without a name.

We really have tried. And whenever I think I might have a good one, I yell it with all the other kids' names to see if it fits. Like so,


Humphrey is purely used as an example. It has never been, nor ever will be considered as a real name. But you never know. He may come out looking like his name can only be Humphrey. Please don't let that happen! All you all out there need to tell me what I should name this new Smith. If you have any extra names laying around, please, send them my way. I would really appreciate it. And if you come up with a good one, and we use it, I'll send you some sugar cookies. And those my friends, are worth their weight in gold.


Puhlman said...

How about Oakley. I have a friend who has an Oakley and a Holt for her boys names. Strong and unique.

The Royals said...

I used to baby sit a Bronson. I also like Ryan. I'm with you on boys names, though. We didn't have Matthew's until after he was born. I have tons of girls names, though. In case you want more kids!

Plain City Dickamores said...

How about Billy, Then you will have a full Billy Corgan:)

Tate, Tayden, Graden, McCartney, gage,Kole, Bode, Jayden, Gavin, Brody, Benjamin Daniel is a great name... Just send me the cookies:)

Maytribe said...

James Alan Smith....has a nice sound.

erickson zone said...

I have to admit I like James Alan as well. That must be your dad's name. I'm going to think about some others though...I want a good shot at those cookies. :)

The Dillon 6 said...

we are partial to Nigel. It's second only to Malcolm.

but I'll let you keep the cookies. :)

Momoko Photography said...

How about Dane Alan May?

Momoko Photography said...

How about Dane Alan May?

Melissa said...

I am partial to the names Carson and Mason :) but some others are Jackson (Jack), Emmerson, Cole, Hudson... I've got more where that came from too. Just don't resort to Humphrey, I might have to stop reading rather then read about a baby named Humphrey :)

Good luck finding a name and with the rest of the pregnancy; your almost done!

P.S. I am so glad that everybody is okay after the Vanagon incident. That was really scary!

Eat to Live said...

I like Liam. But with your B names, maybe Brock. And I've heard of a few Finn's around. Of course I would partial to that name! Neil is good...lol

I've heard about those cookies. I'd love to win. I've never won a contest.... Love, Aunt Dorie