Monday, March 3, 2008

i've been tagged

My cousin tagged me. Try not to fall asleep as you read.

10 years ago: I was in my junior year at Auburn High School. Since it's March, that means track season. And since it's a Monday, that means the workout would be on the track doing repeats of some kind. This is a buddy picture of me and Mo that year of high school. Ahhhh....the memories we have of YW's, Girl's Camp ((our 5th year we had a fiasco with getting caught skinny-dippin' with a few other girls. my mom was ticked. she was the stake YW president. sorry, mom.)) sharing lockers, dumb boys, her sweet blue ghetto mustang, my sweet green 1980 volvo, stake dances, and everything else best friends in high school go through.

5 things on my to-do list today: 1- tidy up the piles of stuff that seem to pile up exponentially. 2- do the dishes. maybe if I put that one off until after dinner, Aaron will do them. ;) 3- take the kids outside and let them burn off energy. 4- finish dinner. I've got some BBQ chicken going in the crock pot right now and it smells gooo--OOD. 5- go to the Foxxs' for Rob's birthday party.

5 snacks I enjoy: 1-chocolate 2-fresh fruit ((preferably dipped in chocolate)) 3-doritos cool ranch chips 4-nuts...I'm really into almonds and pistachios right now. 5-whatever I find in the cupboard.

What I would do if I were suddenly made a billionaire: 1- not tell anyone ((except maybe my dad)) 2- pay tithing. I think that might pay for a mini-temple. 3- help friends and family out anonymously 4- build dream home. I think family and friends might ask how we're paying for it on a teachers' salary. 5- I'd have the sweetest shoes.

3 of my bad habits: 1- bite my fingernails . so much for that new years' revolution. 2- I like to eat food. 3- I think I'm too impatient with my kids.

5 places I have lived: 1- born in Rock Springs, Wyoming . Moved to 2- Layton, Utah when I was 7. Moved up to 3- Auburn, Washington when I was 11. Lived in 4- Kent, Washington at Aaron's parent's house for a year while we saved up for CWU. Then moved here to 5- Ellensburg,Washington.

5 jobs that I have had: 1-bagger at Safeway in Auburn. 2-Sunshade in the Super Mall of the Great Northwest in Auburn. 3-hostess/busser at HD Hotspurs in Kent. YUMMY bbq. 4-Customer Service at Office Depot in Auburn. 5- Grandma's Corner Daycare....Crotchety Old Lady's daycare is more like it, in Auburn. 6- KinderCare in Auburn. I loved working in the babies room. Sometimes if the timing was just right, all the babies would be napping at the same time. 7- Special Ed. Para-Educator at Cascade Middle School in Auburn. I was assigned to 2 boys, an 8th grader and a 6th grader. I was pregnant with Corgan at the time and the administrators had enough smarts to give me a walkie-talkie. The 8th grader had a lovely habit of running away off campus. The school called the police on him at least 4 times that year and he liked to throw things when he got really mad. And the kid in 6th grade thought it was a good idea to bring a steak knife to school. I have so many crazy stories from working with them; they were good kids who came from unfortunate home lives. I still wonder whatever happened to them. 8- Mommy to the BEST kids in the whole world!!!
5 things people don't know about me: 1- I can be shy around people. 2- When we first moved here to eburg, we didn't have a washer and dryer & I had never used a laundry mat before. Aaron was at class and we really needed to do some laundry. so I filled up the bathtub with hot water and did a "load" of whites. I had just finished the "rinse cycle", when Aaron came home. After he had a long laugh -out loud-at-Rachel-session, he gave me a tutorial on using the laundry mat. 3- if I squeeze the bridge of my nose, i can make myself sneeze. 4- I wish I played the piano. 5- I think it'd be cool to own a little restaurant.

I tag: Amanda, Amber & Anna


TheDillon6 said...

awesome! stories!!!! I forget waht babies you and Aaron are. ;)