Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Revolution!

That's what Aaron calls it. I've never really been serious about writing them down or following any resolutions. I thought this year I might give it a try. Starting today we had FHE (that's one), and we talked about making goals and learning new things and trying to be better. Corgan decided that he was going to "finally learn how to read", and Lily is going to be potty-trained before she turns 3 in May. I came up with that one. I am so over changing her diapers. That will have to be another blog....all the things we've tried to get her to go on the potty. So here's a list of my "revolutions", some may seem silly and absurd, but I guess, so am I.

1- read and study the scriptures on a more regular basis. personal and with Aaron. read the BOM with the kids each night.
2- read the Sunday lesson each week BEFORE going to church.
3- being more patient and understanding with the kids....and Aaron. ;)
4- work on my posture. (silly, i know)
5- stop biting my fingernails. i think this has been the one i try and do every single year and it lasts maybe 3 days.
6- run a marathon. i've wanted to run one since high school. i've been training since the beginning of december and the race i've signed up for is in April. so far so good. here's a picture of what i looked like after my run this morning. i left at 7:30am and it was 16 degrees outside. aaron saw me walking up to the door and snapped the picture. brrrr... My goal is to beat Oprah's time, or did Diddy run it faster? Heck, I'll be thrilled to finish without dying.
7- live a more healthful life. lots of ways to interpret that one. but it's pretty self explanatory.
Now that I've put those out there maybe I'll feel more accountable for doing them. Here's a few pictures of FHE. The wrestling was Corgan's idea, inspired because of the match we went to last Thursday and watched Ben and Ke'ane Simpson wrestle. And CandyLand is always a huge hit.


TheDillon6 said...

love your Revolutions. And that picture is the reason I stay INSIDE and am fat. ;)

potty training: The Princess and the Potty (you can get it at Amazon, and perhaps a "local" bookstore). It's our FAVORITE!

scriptures: It will keep you on track!

Stan and Jamie said...

I am loving that picture of you all frosty!!! You'll have to let us know how your marathon goes! I think I will start with some 5 and 10k's instead!! :)

Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

Good luck Rae! You can do it!