Sunday, December 30, 2007


It's over. Christmas sneaks up quickly and then it's over. To make things easier, I'm going to make a list of the highlights over Christmas....

-My dad was in the hospital....again. He was in over Thanksgiving and decided to make a habit of it, so he went back in for Christmas. But the good news is the doctors finally figured things out and he's looking better everyday.
-Corgan knocked his 2 front teeth REALLY loose and on Friday he had them taken out. So instead of getting his 2 front teeth, he lost 'em. Now he has the cutest, gappy, grin any 4 1/2 year old could have. His "adult teeth" won't grow in for at least 2-3 years; so it's a good thing he looks so darn cute!
-Blake got his first tooth yesterday and his first haircut!
-Following with past traditions, we were all sick over Christmas. I got hit first then Aaron, my sis-in-law Daphne, bro-in-law Jason, sisters Dyan and Lael and April, Corgan, and finally my bro Craig. That is one tradition I hope dies this year.
-Trip to the Pacific Science Center....I ran into a friend I hadn't seen since before I was married ((hi Marcie)). So it was cool.
-And my most favorite highlight from the past week is Blake is saying "mum, mum"!! I LOVE IT!!

We're back home now and it's always so nice to come back home after being away for awhile. Aaron's brother, Nate, is here with us for a few days and the kids are loving having their Uncle here. Here's a few pictures of our Christmas.

making "the sandwich"

getting ready to run the sandwich around the house

grandma smith made the grandkids sock monkeys!

Christmas morning at my sister's house before going to my parentsmy grandpa playing the wii ((mom's dad))

pacific science center

butterfly exhibit


afterafter the haircut

another one after...sorry for the dark picture; blake's hair is a lot more blonde now.

Well that's it...hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!


Stan and Jamie said...

Oh poor Corgan!! What the heck did he do??? Well, he is still a cutie!! And I'm sure he's already adapted! That sucks you got sick, we got sick the end of the break too...never fun! Hope you are feeling better! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

TheDillon6 said...

great post. It was good to see you -- even if it was just briefly. Are you comeing back to this side permanently after graduation? Hope you have a safe and happy new Year!!

Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

what a cute family you have! all those smith grandkids are adorable.