Wednesday, March 5, 2008

photog blog

My little sister Kristin, flew up from Utah last weekend for a quick visit. Here's a few snapshots from that plus a few extra.

my dad & blake
my sister krissy

lily & cousin abby. i asked them to put their arms around each other. this is what i got! woo!woo!

she's going to kill me, but i'm posting it anyways. this is my oldest sister april. she says she always has her eyes closed for pictures; so i really had no other choice. she just looks like she's sleeping and standing at the same time. ;)

tuckered out little boy

lily's first haircut on monday

blake was looking especially dapper today

he looks like he's posing in this one

and finally, lily got her first fat lip today. she tripped outside while running & pushing a dump truck. she screamed and cried and bled and screamed and cried some more. then i pulled tigger and pooh out of the freezer. no more tears!

thankful things:

1- sanitizing wipes at grocery stores to wipe down your cart. i used to not care; but then one time i used one and SICK!! i use them every time now. you should use them, too. trust me.
2- the husband. seems like he's been extra nice lately. i wonder what he wants. ;)
3- corgan wants to do one....he says he's thankful for playing with his transformers and his free lego magazine that came in the mail today.


Nate and Marcie said...

I totally agree about the sanitizing wipes! I actually avoid stores that don't have them in the front entrance by the carts.

TheDillon6 said...

sorry we missed Kristen!!! Looks like you had a fun visit, though. Poor April...cute haircut for Lily. And those pictures of Blake prove that he and Zoe are related! :)

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Oh my! Blake looks like a May!

Andy and Sheila said...

Great pictures and great tip on wiping down the carts!