Monday, March 10, 2008

viewer discretion is advised...

Just a warning--- Aaron cut his hand at work on Saturday. I'll leave it at that for now. And I'll post the "coolest" picture at the very end so those of you who are squeamish can choose not to view it.

We had a Sunday Miracle yesterday. Saturday, after coming home from the ER, I set the keys somewhere. Not in the key box, just somewhere. Sunday morning with 20 minutes until the start of church we couldn't find the keys. Looked EVERYWHERE. Could not find them. We both looked in the key box, the hook that they're usually on is empty. We call our neighbors ((they have a 12 passenger van)) and asked if we could hitch a ride. They were leaving right then. Crud. We weren't all the way ready. So, neighbor Jason said that his wife would have her cell phone and if we couldn't find the keys, we could call and he'd come back and pick us up. Nice guy. We kept looking, it got more frantic, said a little prayer. The kids started looking for them. With 5 minutes until church started, Corgan opens the key box and lo and behold, there they are; hanging in the spot that not minutes earlier was empty. The Gospel is true. Amen.

After church we went on a walk before naps. Or rather, we walked and they rode and walked some. Not Blake, of course.

Ok. Now what you've all been waiting for. Saturday, Aaron was working for Bret. Bret's in our ward and owns a metal recycle business. Aaron works there when he's not substitute teaching. For the majority of the day he was working alone; running the office, sorting metals, cutting up some metal, etc. We brought him lunch around 12:30, and he said to pick him up at 5. It's now just after 4. I'm being an excellent wife and mother, the banana bread has been in the oven about 20 minutes, I'm doing the dishes, Corgan and Blake are playing nicely with a truck and Lily is napping. The phone rings and it's Aaron.

R: hello?
A: hey.
R: hey. how ya doing?
A: i cut my hand and i need you to bring stuff down to clean it with.
R: what? you cut your hand?
A: yeah, and i need a cloth and some water to clean it up with.
R: ok. i'm on my way. bye.

I hang up the phone. Wake up Lily and take her and Corgan over to the neighbors. Come back inside and look for the first aid kit that my mom gave Aaron for Christmas. It's a camping one but the other one we have is a little old. We got it as a wedding present and all it has left in it is expired meds, expired ointment, empty band-aid box, 2 gauze pads and an almost empty roll of medical tape. ((to my credit, I was leaving it like that for a purpose. I'm going to be doing an Enrichment on home preparedness and am going to use it as an example of what not to have. point taken.))
I call Aaron.

A: hello?
R: where's the first aid kit my mom gave you that used to be on your dresser?
A: what?
R: the first aid kit my mom gave you. where is it?
A: that's for camping.
R: i know it's a camping one. the other one is retarded and i just can't find that one my mom gave you.
A: i don't know where it is, i don't need it. i just need some water and a clean rag to clean my hand with. there's latex gloves here that i can put over my hand when it's clean.
R: i just need to know how bad the cut is. if you need water and a rag to clean it, it's got to be pretty bad. is a band-aid going to cover it? how big is the cut?
A: no! i just need the water and the rags. they have a couple band-aids here i can put over it. it'll be fine. i just need to clean it up.
R: really?! a couple of band-aids are going to cover it? if it's going to take "a couple of band-aids" to cover it up, then it's got to be bad.
A: no! just bring.....

I hang up the phone. Fill a 1/2 gallon jug up with hot water, grab a wash cloth and what's left of the gauze and tape from the retarded first aid kit and leave with Blake. I look at the timer before I leave and I have 41 minutes before the banana bread needs to come out.
I get to his work and customer pulls in behind me. I wait while Aaron talks to him and then the customer leaves and Aaron comes walking over to the Vanagon. I get out and he pulls off his glove ((which he wasn't wearing when the cut occurred while tossing a piece of metal onto a pile, but put it on afterwards to help stop the bleeding, it is now soaked with his blood)). He moves his thumb and HOLY CRAP!!! Ain't no way "a couple band-aids" are going to make it fine. You could totally see inside his hand! I tell him right then that we're going to the ER. I call Bret and tell him we're shutting shop down early and why. We close up the office, shut the gates and go to the ER. I go in for about 5 minutes because I still had to go back and take out the banana bread. I get home with 1 minute left on the timer. Whew! Take out the bread, grab the camera and head back to the hospital. Back at the hospital, the nurse irrigated the cut, the doc sewed it shut and now he looks likes Michael Jackson with his one white glove. Now for the pictures. Like I said at first, the last one will be the "coolest" one. If you throw-up, you were warned. Oh---the Dr. did have to trim away a little bit of the fat that was sticking out before he stitched Aaron up. Enjoy!

aaron after getting worked on

blake waiting. do you think he's ready for a new car seat?

doc's handy work


Pièce de résistance

thankful things:

1- medical insurance
2- access to medical professionals
3- answered prayers


Joshua and Jolie said...

When we talked to Aaron at church yesterday, he told us that he knew you'd blog about it.
Well, of course!!! Slicing your hand open and getting stitches deserves some blogging attention!! ;-)

Great story about the whole event...your phone calls were hilarious.

Oh, and I'm so relieved to hear that the banana bread was saved!! Phew. ;-P
I'm sure it was a yummy treat to come home to after all the drama.

p.s. your kids look cute! I really love the pics of Lily in her dress and the mud boots!!! Classic.

Stan and Jamie said...

that's wicked awesome!!! I so wish that I had my good camera when Kayden split his eyelid is something I'll never forget!!! So good for you for thinking of grabbing the camera!!! And thanks for sharing the gore! And I agree with Jolie, your kids are so cute and the picture of Lily with the boots and dress getup is fantastic!!

We are so blessed! said...

Rachael i really love your blog i read it like atleast once a week. I only have one kid and don't do that well. you inspire me. you along with cindy are truly super MOMS. Good work. Amber

Plain City Dickamores said...

nice cut, so glad you remembered the all knowing camera!!! I love Lilys dress, the boys are quite handsome. Love you Dyan

TheDillon6 said...

yowSERS!!! Great storyteller, you are. prayers are always answered -- and these were answered just as you requested. :)

I also loved Lily's dress and the BOOTS! She'll be so mad you "made" her dress like that when she's 12. ;)

Andy said...

Holy crap! Seriously! I totally would have been a "Niles Crane" if that had happened to me.