Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's official...

...Aaron is going to be graduating in JUNE!!!!!!! This is no joke. I'm serious, people. He took his final last Friday and the professor posted grades on Monday. Come on, say it with me, "C's GET DEGREES!!"
"Abstract algebra is the set of advanced topics of algebra that deal with abstract algebraic structures rather than the usual number systems." That's the simplest definition I've found for what they teach in the class he was taking. And if you're not impressed with a PASSING C grade, then see how you do with a few math problems from the class...

a) Let Z be the ring of integers and let n and m ∈ Z. State a non-trivial example that demonstrates GCD (m,n) * LCM (m,n) = m * n,
b) Suppose p(x) and q(x) ∈ Z[x]. State a non trivial example that demonstrates GCD (p(x),q(x)) * LCM (p(x),q(x)) * q(x).
c) Does the identity in parts a) and b) work for polynomials in Z mod n [x]? If so, give an example, if not give a counterexample.
d) Use a Venn diagram and some well worded sentence to explain why this identity works. Make statement lean, elegant, and meaningful!

Or how about this one;

Prove or disprove the following:
Let F:D→C be an onto function. Then for any A ⊂ D, F-¹(F(A))=A

Or this one;

Consider the unit circle where the angels are measured in radians. We say angle A ∼ angle B⇔A=B mod 2π. Prove or disprove this relation is an equivalence relation on the set R of real numbers.

When I look at those math problems I think of those "magnificent" pieces of art that my kids could do in minutes. I figure I could put a bunch of numbers and letters in parentheses and use lots of math language and come up with my own "new math". But I won't because I hate math. So I'm leaving it up to the experts to deal with.
YAY!!! I'm so happy, happy, happy that Aaron is done with school! Now we just need to figure out where to look for jobs. Maybe we'll move to South Carolina, or North Dakota, or Texas, Utah. But probably not. Aaron says he served his two years in Texas and he'd never live in Utah again. But I guess it's not really up to us. The not knowing is almost too much. Lots of prayers and faith and more prayers. Heck, maybe we'll be living in Alaska, come September.

thankful things:

1- blake is standing for a few seconds at a time!! he is growing up WAY too fast! :(
2- movie cube and red box....super cheap and super easy ways to rent movies.
3- of course.....aaron being done with school!!!


Plain City Dickamores said...

Way to GO!!!! See you this SUmmer!!!

TheDillon6 said...

hip Hip HOORAY!

TheDillon6 said...

"but there is one painting Olivia just doesn't understand..."

The Kunz Family said...

Hurray for you guys! I think a "C" grade is great. I could barely pass fact I barely passed any math class I ever took. Not my best subject that's for sure. Way to go Aaron!

Emily and Nathan said...

That is so exciting! Hopefully you wont have to play the waiting game too much longer.

Joshua and Jolie said...

okay, i just read over those math equations and my brain exploded. Yikes. I'd say that a C in that class is pretty darn good!! I fully uphold the mantra that C's get degrees. ;-)

actually, if you guys get a job offer in north dakota, I'd have to say that it would be a great place to live. It's super safe, the public schools are EXCELLENT, and housing is very affordable. The only drawback is that ND is ranked #48 in the nation for teacher pay. Yeah. We lived there for 20 yrs. and my mom was a teacher. Starting pay is just above poverty line. RIDICULOUS!!!!

Good luck with the job hunting and CONGRATS to Aaron!!! You made it!!!

Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

I flunked out of stats in college. Congrats to Aaron!

Stan and Jamie said...

Congratulations guys! I'll be excited to hear where you are going to end up!!! Keep us posted!!