Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the need for speed

I turned myself into a running addict and now I'm going through withdrawls. Two weeks ago I was on my run and about 1/3 of the way through the 7 miles, I had to stop running and call Aaron to come and pick me up. ((he makes me take the cell phone with me...smart husband)) My right knee was screaming out in pain and using all sorts of cuss words. Oh wait, that was me.
I thought I'd take it easy the next couple of days and by Monday I'd be back on track. Wrong. It hurts to even walk. I went swimming a couple times to at least do something to not put a complete halt to training. But even that causes my knee pain. So then I realized I might need to be seen by some sort of professional to get it diagnosed and figure out what's wrong.
I have called 5 diferent doctors offices and they've all told me they aren't taking new patients. Then they'd refer me to another office. I knew it was getting ridiculous when the 5th office referred me to the first one I'd called. One even suggested I go to the ER. Really?! The ER?! I just need my knee evaluated, people! It's like when I needed to have my appendix taken out and they shipped me to Yakima. Just a word of advice, don't get injured or sick in Ellensburg.

Blake is sick again. It started on Friday and for the next 3 days he was running a 103.5 tempurature. He finally cooled off late Sunday, but still has the awful coughing and congestion. He isn't eating normal either. He'll maybe drink 2-3 ounces of his 5 ounce bottles. He received a blessing last night and is doing a little better today because of it. I just want my boy back! I hate it when they're sick and you try to help them but nothing seems to work. :(

thankful things:
1-Preisthood Blessings
2-Talks with my hubby.
3-Warmer weather. It's actually gotten up to the 40's a few times!!


The Kunz Family said...

Sorry to hear you guys are down and out. Hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time. Thanks for the potty training advice! I have no idea what I am doing so your suggestions are oh so helpful.

Joshua and Jolie said...

Oh Rachel, I'm so sorry to hear that happened. I know that you are very thrilled to be training for this race. Mmmm, they'll always take a new OB patient, so maybe you could fake a pregnancy to get in and get seen by a doctor?!?! Or maybe you could see a doctor close to where your parents or in-laws live on the west side. Good luck, and PLEASE let me know if there's anything I can do to help!!! Just ask!!

TheDillon6 said...

head this way once the passes decide to stop avalanching all over themselves. And don't push it...you don't want to mess with knee, my dear.

TheDillon6 said...

PS -- I can't wait for SPRING when we can throw open the windows and air the CRUD out of the house. I've had it!!!

Plain City Dickamores said...

who is going to be the first to run that Marathon. HUh!!! Really i do hope your knee gets to feeling better. Because my is Feeling Great.

Love you little sis.

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

I hate it when I can't run due to injury. I end up getting lazy or I find excuses to do it tomorrow.

Stan and Jamie said...

I hope your knee is feeling better! And I'm so excited for you about your new imac, they are so great!! I love mine!