Tuesday, September 18, 2007

inflamed appendix

My appendix decided it was of no use to me anymore so it became inflamed. I woke up early Sunday morning at 3am to feed Blake and my stomach hurt like someone was kneading it. Went to the hospital around 6:30am and they ran tests, had a CAT scan and they figured out it was my appendix. Ellensburg didn't have any surgeons on duty, so I was transported via ambulance to Yakima Memorial. Aaron followed, after making arrangements for Corgan and Lily, and he went to Yakima Regional. He corrected his mistake and made it just in time to give me a blessing right before they wheeled me away. The operating room was cold and they had on a radio that sounded like it was playing 80's soft rock. In the recovery room I asked the nurse if the doctor had also done the tummy tuck I ordered. She just laughed at me. I was being serious. The rest of the time at the hospital was spent trying to get the nurses to actually get me some pain medication that worked. 6 hours after the surgery they figured it out. YAY! Got home yesterday afternoon. Now I'm high on Vicodin and hoping that Blake takes a long nap...Husband's mom was super nice and came over Sunday and picked up Corgan and Lily from Cobi's house and we'll get them back home this evening. Modern medicine is marvelous.


Anjuli Fry said...

Oh Rachel!! I hope you feel better soon!! Are you able to still breast feed Blake? Glad they finally gave you the right pain meds, and I bet it is nice to be home.

aaron&rachel smith said...

Well, as if by some grand design, we started putting Blake on the bottle about a week and a half ago. I was still nursing about twice a day; but now he'll just be on the bottle. I don't think he needs to be on Vicodin, too. ;)

Anjuli Fry said...

Thank goodness for those small things!!! I hope you get better fast. Wish I could help watch Lilly and Corgan for you.

Stan and Jamie said...

Rachel, sounds like a grand adventure! :( I hope you get better quickly! Take advantage though, let people help!!! (I'm thinking it would take me about 3 months or so until I could lift any kids or do any housework again!!! ;) ) HAHA, wouldn't that be nice!!! Feel better!

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Rae! Oh my! Yeah you're exempt from any household chores.

tenzin phuntsok pal said...

i also inflamed appendix and i removed it day before than before yesterday.
It took more than a hour to remove.
And now i can eat little bet and walk little bet too. But i don't know how appendix get inflame, and why.

and how are you now?