Friday, September 14, 2007

the week's update

The time finally arrived for Corgan to return to pre-school. YES! I love my son dearly, but with Husband being gone 11 hours a day working, those three hours that Corgan is away at pre-school, MWF, is marvelous. I get some alone time with Lily and can go grocery shopping with only two kids instead of a tiny herd. He loves going to school and his teacher Teri is terrific.
This past week I've been able to can peaches as well as some fruit cocktail. Fruit Cocktail, you ask? We made some at Enrichment about a month ago and I finally ate some of it on Monday and oh my is SO good! I will never buy fruit cocktail from the store again. I practically ate the entire jar myself, I did however, allow Husband and the kids to gain their own testimonies of how good it is with a few morsels of canned goodness. Don't laugh, it really is that good. I also had the life changing opportunity of travelling to Royal City and buying a box of the Verhey peaches. They come from an orchard owned by the Verhey family, the orchard is about 100 years old. I had been told for over a year how good these peaches are, and how you need a rag to eat them because they're that juicy. I had my doubts, but after my first bite I doubt no longer. The peaches that hail from the Verhey orchard are the best peaches in the world. (you can quote me on that) I have become a peach snob. I can no longer look at other peaches the same way. I know that they lack the sweet, juicy goodness that can only be had from a Royal City peach. Mmmmm....I think I'm going to go and eat one right now.


Anjuli Fry said...

You are making my mouth water!!! Those peaches sound amazing. I would love to try that fruit cocktail recipe, mind sharing!! I not canning this year but next year.

aaron&rachel smith said...

Making fruit cocktail is so can use whatever fruit you want but I used equal amounts of peaches, pears and pineapple and not as much grapes. Then you boil them in a syrup (about 10 cups water and 2 1/2 cups sugar), then ladel them into jars and put them in a water bath for 25 mins. SO easy and SO yummy! Sis. Jantzer suggests not putting cherries in it because they turn everything pink.

Stan and Jamie said...

Rachel, thanks for all the updates! I love getting on and keeping up with everyone! How is Corgan liking preschool? I'm sure he was fine going back to the same place again! So are there a lot of new kids since she is not the ECEAP place anymore?...or are there a lot of the same kids? Okay, well now I'm missing everyone, but that's okay!! :)