Monday, February 4, 2008

my favorite valentine...

How long have you been married?

7 years on July 7th. Lucky year, maybe?
How long did you date?
Long shorten it up a bit, we "met" at a YSA activity at Ocean Shores. ((he had actually been pinning for me from a distance at Institute)) A week of going to a fireside, FHE, Mariner's game, movie, Institute, a dance, and going to the drive-in, ((all with my sister Lael, friends Beth and Amanda, and the "Kent Boys"--Aaron, his bro Mike, Nate Luker and Tyson Romney)) Aaron asked me to be his "ticket" at the drive-in. We were together a week and then I told I just wanted to be friends. I was a little freaked at how comfortable I was with him, felt like we'd know each other forever; kind of like Saturday's Warrior when Julie and that artist dude see one another in the airport. Only without the singing. I was only 18, give me a break! ;) But we still saw each other everyday, seriously it was everyday. And I finally gave back into his wooing the end of August. We knew we were going to be married then, but I wanted a summer wedding. He offically asked in January and 5 months later we were married; a year to the day I told him I wanted to be "just friends". So to get to answering the question, I guess we dated about 10 months.

How old is he?
He'll be turning the big 3-0 in October.

Who eats more?
We both looooove food. Good food. He does eat more just because he's a guy, but I think I hold my own pretty well. I read at the Seattle Science Center that the human stomach normally holds about 2 cups stretching to about 12 cups after a really big meal. Ewww, gross.

Who said "I love you" first?
He did. He said it all the time, too.

Who is taller?
He about 3 1/2 inches. Sometimes I'm taller when I wear my heels.
My newest pair. I got 'em at Ross!
Who sings better?
I do. Just kidding. I'm pretty sure he does. I'm all over the place. He really does have a nice voice when he's not trying to make me laugh during sacrament meeting.

Who is smarter?
Depends. He's good with all the logical thinking. There is no way I could ever do the math he has to do. He can pack the Vanagon like no other when we go somewhere. I just shove everything in, he does it like a puzzle. Every piece fits perfectly and it doesn't get smashed. It really is genius. I'm a very visual person needing to see how things are done. I think we're perfectly matched. When the kids are in school he can do their math and I'll write all their papers. ;)

Who does the dishes?
We both do. He'd probably say he does more, but I think it's about even. We haven't had a dishwasher for 4 1/2 years. I covet every dishwasher I see. And washer and dryer.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
I do. But we both end up in the middle because of the really nice pit we have in our mattress.

Who pays the bills?
Me. If I didn't they would never get paid.

Who mows the lawn?
Maintence Man Mark. And I think last summer he mowed it twice. Once because we asked him to so when family came into town for Blake's baby blessing it would look nice. We both would if we had our own yard. I like mowing.

Who cooks dinner?
Me. I can't remember the last time Aaron cooked something. Oh--Sunday he made the kids mac-n-cheese.

Who is more stubborn?
Me. It's the May-genes. But he can be pig-headed at times.

Who kissed who first?
He kissed me first in the back of Luker's Bronco. But then it was readily returned. ;)

Who asked who out?
I sort of answered this with question 1. He never asked me out on a date-date. We were all hanging out together and then we were together.

Who proposed?
He did. January 22, 2001.

Who has more friends?
About the same. I think I keep in touch with more old friends than he does. But we both hang out with the same couples.

Who has more siblings?
I do...I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. April, Dyan, Danny, Craig, Lael, me, Krissy. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Christy, Mike, Aaron, Anna, Nate

Who are you tagging? I'm tagging Marcie, Mo, and Jordan--maybe you'll actually write something on your blog!;)


Joshua and Jolie said...

You two have a SWEET sweet story. I thought your wedding picture is absolutely gorgeous, too. Your bouquet was so amazing!!!

TheDillon6 said...

I love the pictures! I can't believe you are such BABIES!!!

Stan and Jamie said...

so cute!! And to follow up on your comment to me...iPhoto is just the picture program that comes on a mac, and photoshop is a software program that you can buy, they have tons of different versions!

The Kunz Family said...

Hey you's been a long time. I found your blog off nate and Amanda's. Your three little kiddos are getting so big, and are such cuties. Hope all is well.

Nate and Marcie said...

Cute picture, cute story, cute shoes. Really cute shoes! I was thinking this is such a cute post, I should do it too, and then bamm, I'm tagged, thanks! :)

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around you wearing heels.