Friday, October 3, 2014


No I am not pregnant. Been there, done that "surprise" thing twice.

But I am running in a marathon tomorrow!!

The Leavenworth Marathon.

It starts at 7am. You know, I would really like to run a marathon that started in the afternoon, like around 1 or 2. I think that would be really nice.

Anyways, so I'm running this race and I'm really looking forward to it. My mom is coming over and watching some of the kids, the older two will be staying with some friends. It's just gonna be Aaron and I. He and me. Me and him. The two of us. Nice and simple.

The first marathon I ran, he completely missed me finishing. I was a speed demon and finished before I thought. ((4:47))

The second marathon , my mom, his parents and our kids were there. Blake was just wee lad. I finished that race in 4:02.

My hopes for this race is to finish. The wonderful cold I had, turned into a sinus infection. Yay!!!!! But I'm really hoping to at least beat my last time and break into the 3 hour mark. We'll see how it goes.

And just incase you're curious, here's a map of the course some dude rendered up last year:

For real though, I'm pumped and ready!

I love, love, love running. It means so much more to me than just the exercise, the alone time, the scenery, etc. Kinda-sorta like how Eric Liddel explains it to his sister in the Chariots of Fire. I'm most definitely not as fast as he was, but I am indeed grateful for every step I'm able to run.


kmay and mike said...

A race in the afternoon is brilliant! Why has no one done that?!