Tuesday, September 30, 2014

for laylo

Dear Aunt Lael,

These are for you.

Love, your lazy sister.

Cade's first day of kindergarten!!
He was super excited the first day.
Then cried everyday after that for a whole week.
Didn't realize he had to go to school everyday for the next 13 years.
He's good now.

One day I put Oneil and Carly's hair in ponytails.

So pretty.

She squats like a boss.
All day, errday.

Cade brought home the back-to-school sickness.
Shared it with Carly and Oneil and me.

Oneil said his stuffy-nose hurt and asked for a bandaid.
He wore it for an entire day.  

And Carly is 10 months old!!
Lily and I celebrated by painting her toe nails.

And then I took a ba-jillion pictures.


Lael said...

Thanks sista!! I do check your blog everyday for new posts!! I'm such a stalker! -Laylo

Maytribe said...

LOVE the curls! Love the pics! I, too am a stalker! Love you.