Tuesday, November 26, 2013

this was: girl's camp ((back in july))

I love Girl's Camp.
I'm one of those people.
Probably 'cause I love camping, hiking, being outdoors.
And once word gets out that you actually like doing that sort of thing, the phone rings and you're put in charge of the 4th Year overnight hike.
Which is a-okay with me.

This was my second year of force marching the group of girls up into the woods to get a physical, and hopefully a spiritual experience.
Nothing like "going" in the woods to help invite the Spirit.

This year we went to Pete Lake.
I told the girls before we started hiking that I was 4 months pregnant, and I didn't want to hear any complaining from any of them.
I'm a super fun leader. Really.

This is the beautiful Pete Lake.

I've heard that Spectacle Lake is even more gorgeous. Maybe next time.

These two rad dudes were our manly Priesthood Leaders.

The one on the right is our Stake President, the one on the left is his second counselor.
I love how they are so involved with the YW and love spending time with them.
They are seriously the coolest.

And I secretly loved being able to boss them around and tell them to do things like build our fire.

My amazing group of girls!!
Seriously, they were.

And if you're ever passing through Roslyn, there's a place there that sells pretty tasty ice cream.

Back at camp, we all were treated to some freshly made kettle corn.
Random picture, I know.

15 years ago, when I was a 5th year, or as they refer to them now as Youth Camp Leader's, my big Laurel project was clearing a path and building a couple of foot bridges.

I am happy to report that they still do exist and are just as sturdy as the day they were built.

I feel really old thinking that was 15 years ago. I was 16, almost 17 and going into my senior year of high school. That was also the year of Girl's Camp when some of us forgot to wear our swimsuits to go swimming.
Best year of Girl's Camp, ever!!!!
((mo, you really should have joined us ;) ))

We had some fun with good ol' Sasquatch up at camp.

They had a shooting range set-up for the girls.
I had never shot a gun in my life.
I am happy to report that I'm pretty awesome at it.

This was my first go at it:

And this was my second go-around:

I even impressed the retired Marine Corps Sergeant who was in charge of it all.
Now I want a gun for Christmas.
Right to bear arms!!
Kidding. But it would be fun to go to a shooting range.

The Stake Skit was a huge hit.
It was hilarious.
The girl's loved it.

So of course it made perfect sense to make the Bishop's and Stake President do it the next night.
Instead of just dancing, we added baby food, brushing teeth, and chubby bunny.
They absolutely were the best sports and the girl's absolutely loved it.

Favorite part of Girl's Camp?
Coming home to a family who missed you.