Wednesday, November 20, 2013

shots all around

Cutting it a little close, I've taken all the kids into the doctors this past week to get updated immunizations and the flu shot.

Last year in our area, we had an outbreak of the whooping cough. That makes me really excited to be having a baby soon. Hopefully people have learned from last year, and will go and get the available vaccine. I'll end there.

Oneil's turn was yesterday.

He turned into a cuddly baby the rest of the day.

Towards evening time, he just wanted to sit and watch Lego's on Netflix.

Also cutting it a little close is my doctor needing to be out of state this week for a family emergency.

Good golly.

Every single one of my pregnancies have been boring. Leave it to the last one to bring a little excitement to us.

The new plan is to go in next Wednesday to turn this baby boat around and get her headed in the right direction.

Then hopefully we can stick to the per-normal labor and delivery inducement on Friday. No c-section.

It's going to be a Thanksgiving holiday to remember for sure.


RETA said...

I hope everything is okay and goes well for you and the baby.