Wednesday, April 10, 2013

55 pictures

About two weeks ago I traveled down to coast to babysit my nephew.
Oneil was the perfect traveling companion.

The plane took off after 8, we landed down close to 11.
He only closed his eyes to blink.

Once there, I went on a mini road trip with my two mini traveling companions down to San Diego.

It was for something to do and so I could eat here again.
Best bacon cheeseburger in world.

Eez more than ok, eez really, really, good.

Anytime I see palm trees, I can only think of this.
I love that movie.

Bacon St. and (Cape) May Ave.?
Coolest intersection ever.

Walked through a little Farmer's Market where I saw Aaron and I.

Walked on down to Old Town.
The boys look thrilled.

Cousin's Candy Shop!
Get it?
I took their picture in front of the sign 'cause they're cousins!
Get it?

On the way out of town, stopped to get some of the biggest fish tacos I ever seen.
I had to wait 20 minutes to get them to-go.
If we would have stayed to eat it would of been over an hour's wait.
They're doing seafood right there.

Here's the little guy I was babysitting.

Stopped at Oceanside to let them play and all they wanted to do was sit.

This was the closest they came to sticking their toes in the water.

Back at the house I finally dug into the fish tacos.
So, so good.

Bath time Sunday morning.

Lincoln wasn't sure of the mohawk.

"Why do you have to take a picture of us with mohawks?!"

"Dude. Your mom didn't put any candy in the eggs."

His parents came home and the cousins had some park time.

We went to the D.I. in Los Angeles. It was an experience.
This old Sears building was across the street.

Stopped off at the ol' Los Angeles Temple.

Last stop was here:

Aaron's dad grew-up going here after youth temple trips.
The place was packed, the food was especially good.

If you're close to L.A., you need to eat here. 

Jus' waiting at the airport.

Mt. Rainer welcomed us home.

Tomorrow you get to see the pictures I took with my cell phone.


kmay and mike said...

ezz ok! Thanks for coming down, watching my babe and hanging out for a day. much love sister!
Don't forget to send me copies of our cute kids together!

Hoovy4 said...

Those captions are spot on! Especially the one with Lincoln and the mohawk! I'm still laughing!!