Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween was yesterday

The kids decided to sleep-in today. Which meant I slept-in too, since they are my alarm clock. They were a half hour late for school. My day's a little off schedule. Not that I ever really have a schedule except for procrastinating the things I need to do. It's just made my procrastination speed up. That may not make sense to you. But since I feel like I ate an entire 5lb bag of C&H sugar yesterday, it makes perfect sense to me.

On to a few spooooky photos.

Corgan was the scary skeleton in the spook alley at our church Halloween Party.

He cheated and used his hands. And I've got the picture to prove it.

The only way Cade wouldn't run away screaming is if Corgan wore a cowboy hat. Go figure.

The Official Photo of Halloween 2011.

This was us.
Corpse Bride and Groom.
Corgan took the picture with the camera phone.
Aaron forgot to wear his hat.

Now I'm going to think about doing some laundry. 


kmay and mike said...

Great costumes all around! Corgans is especially scary!!

Jolie said...

you and spouse man had, hands down, the best costumes at the ward party! Great idea!!
And yes, agree w/ you about the catching up on laundry part. My entire house got neglected this past weekend. And with all the candy eating that's been done by the wee ones, every lightswitch, doorknob, countertop, etc. feels sticky. ;-)

ericksonzone said...

I love the shot of them up at the door trick-or-treating!

Pamela said...

Love the costumes. You guys look great!!!!!