Thursday, September 20, 2012

smoky the bear probably likes corn on the cob, too.

Last week we went and picked some carn. Corn.

There's a couple who have lived here for around 50 years and have been farmers the whole time. "The Grandpa", as my kids call him, led them into the depths of the corn field and helped pick out the very best cobs.

He explained how much he loves eating the young corn and told Lily that it would probably be her favorite, too, 'cause it's sweet like she is.

Oneil was as happy as an 18 month old in a corn field could be. I'd lose where he went, only to catch glimpses of him as he wandered around the towering stalks.

I love corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob. I love corn on the cob with my whole stomach.

It's so pretty. And so yummy when slathered with butter and salt and lots of pepper. I could eat it everyday of the rest of my life. My fingers are crossed that I get to eat it in heaven, too.

We picked enough to freeze some to eat later. Like tomorrow.

I saw this on Pinterest (of course!) and it worked like a charm. Using a bundt pan as a base to catch all the kernals.

Back to the fires raging on the other side of the mountains, this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon-ish.

This was at sunset, 7 o'clock.

The lighting was pretty cool.

"Kids! Get out here quick so I can take a picture of you!! Hurry it up, the sun is setting!! I don't care that you don't have shoes on, just get out here!!"

And so were the clouds. And just so you know, the street that my baby is running across is a dead end. We don't get no cars down here 'cept for those who have no idea where they goin'. No need to call CPS.

The fire is actually moving up over the mountain towards our town. More home and animal evacuations have been going on.

Then as soon as the sun is set, the smoke goes back to gray.


Kari said...

I think after reading your post I will for sure be getting some roasted Corn on the cob tomorrow at the fair. Sounds so yummy!

Hoovy4 said...

Nothin' better than sweet cron.

ericksonzone said...

Those are some cool pics of the kids and clouds. Way to go at the fair.