Tuesday, September 18, 2012

we should all be wearing masks

A month ago, we had the Taylor Bridge fire roaring through our valley. Devastating for those families who lost their homes and animals.

This was what filled the sky the afternoon it started.

It was a really big deal. It made the national news. I heard Brian Williams say our towns name. That will probably never happen again.

On my birthday, Aaron and I hiked up The Ridge. We were able to the burnt ground and what was left of the still smoldering fire, the smoke still trailing its way across the valley.

Then just over a week ago, we had a lightening storm that started a few fires. And quicker than a flash of lightening, there were 95 fires burning in our county and the one to the north.

This is the smoke layer that has been hanging out with us ever since.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week we had some wind blowing to help clear it out. You can see where one of the fires is burning just over the mountains out our back door.

With all the smoke in the sky, we've had some pretty gnarly sun effects.

And some pretty sunsets.

This shot includes the dead bugs on my windshield.

But since the wind stopped a-blowin', the smoke has settled back in. All soccer practices and games were cancelled last week and the same for this week. The elementary schools have even held the kids inside for recesses. Up north where it's worse, they've cancelled school altogether. 

As of right now according to the air quality check guys, our rating is a 303. It puts us in the highest level on the scale. Which means our air is hazardous. Who wants to come visit??? I'll make crepes for breakfast.

So until the fires are put out, this will be our view out our back door.

And across the valley.


Hoovy4 said...

Ummm... gross. Guess you all could use some rain, eh?