Tuesday, June 5, 2012

dapper dan

Have I ever told you about the time we went camping out at Ozette over a Sunday?

It was when my Dad was still on dialysis, so we had to plan the trip around his schedule to go in and get hooked up to the machine. Ox in the mire, right?

Anyways, we all wake-up that Sunday morning and slowly make our way out the tents and get the fire going and get breakfast started. We were all in jackets and sweatshirts 'cause it's always a little chilly out there on the beach in the mornings.

Right after, or maybe it was right before, we said the prayer for breakfast, my Dad unzips his jacket and lo and behold, he's wearing a white shirt and tie.

For real. It was the funniest thing. If you knew my Dad, you know that we always wore our church clothes all day on Sunday.

It's even funnier to think of him planning on what he was going to wear, knowing that he probably chuckled to himself as he packed his bag, thinking how funny it was going to be for us all to see him in his Sunday shirt and tie, all the way out at Ozette.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Thanks for making me laugh.


Hoovy4 said...

That is a good memory. I'm not sure why we weren't on that trip, but I remember you all coming home, and being (only slightly) surprised that he was in his church shirt!

Maytribe said...

I do remember... that was also the trip that Dad and I came back early and on the hike back to the trail head some "foreign" hikers knocked him onto his back...pack and all. Not funny at the time, and really, not funny now either! Ozette was the best. About time for another trip.

kmay and mike said...

Always lookin dapper!

Raych said...

HA out of all the stories about your Dad that totally fits and shouldn't surprise me at all. he always had such a great sense of humor but you knew where he stood. such an amazing guy.