Wednesday, June 6, 2012

two things

1) I'm pretty sure I broke my toe.

Forget my awesome paint job, and look at my pinky toe. It's not supposed to be that color or size.

Need a close up?

Here you go:

I hit it on a planter box outside.

It hurts like all get out. The only positive side to it happening is that I don't have to go running in the terrible, horrible, windy, rainy, not-June-summery-weather, we've been having.

2) My dad's favorite cake was yellow with chocolate frosting. So yesterday, we made him a cake and sang happy birthday and talked about what we remembered about Grandpa May with the kids.

Rocky Road was his ice cream of choice.

Cade likes it, too.


Jill said...

ohhh yeah its definitely broken! I broke my pinky finger a year ago and never had it fixed its totally jacked up took a long time for it not to be sore anymore. Hopefully you can hike in a month!!!

Maytribe said...

Sorry about your toe.
The cake looks yummy. Dad would approve.

ericksonzone said...

Ouch and Happy Birthday Grandpa May!