Tuesday, March 6, 2012

for i am not ashamed

I was in the other room trying to talk on the phone. It was seriously for like, 5 minutes. I come out of the room to see that Blake had helped himself to a nutritious bowl of sugar for breakfast. 

Who was I to stop him? His mother?? That doesn't count.

On Saturday we were with some family 'cause the boy on the left was baptized.

But what happened after the baptism was life changing for me. My sister April, was describing a new spread that she had come across. When asked, "What do you put it on?" Her reply, "A spoon."

Fast-forward to yesterday. (or is it rewind?)  I was at the grocery store when out of the corner of my eye, I see something new that wasn't there the time before. It was the exact spread my sister had been raving about. So I overlooked the $6 price tag, and purchased some.

I had a few more stops before getting back home, so I thought, "Eh, why not?" And I opened up the jar in the van. Each stop I would taste a little bit more, you know, to make sure it still tasted as delicious as I had thought the finger-dip before.

I was a bit more proper and did spread some of the spread on some bread for the boys after arriving home.  Dude, they paused the Wii so they could eat it. That's how good it is.

I was also enjoying this delectable new find on some bread as well. But then my little eye spotted some 60% Bittersweet chocolate chips on my counter. Since my shame knows no bounds, I dotted what was left with some of those.

I have yet to look at the nutritional facts on the jar. Living in ignorance is sometimes bliss. 


Hoovy4 said...

You're welcome. Didn't I tell you it's the Best Stuff Evah? My jar barely made it 8 days in the house, and I was the only one that ate it. It's "more nutritious" than Nutella, if that helps!

kmay and mike said...

Is it better than Nutella, though? Cause that stuff is mm mm mmmmm good.
I'll buy a jar on April 1st. and decide for myself. I'll be wearing my new necklace that you'll have purchased for me! :) hahaha

Jolie said...

sounds devine! i'm gonna have to get me some. wouldn't want to miss out on the good stuff in life! and who knows, since it's Oreo's birthday, I should probably buy some of those and try the spread on a few! ;-)

ericksonzone said...

I might have to try that out...but semi sweet chocolate chips? Really? You have to go milk chocolate all the way! lol I may have to save up so I can buy it with cash...that kid of price tag is crazy!