Wednesday, March 7, 2012

two cry babies, one birthday

Happy birthday to my baby sister.
(it's okay, i don't look very happy to be there either)

And happy birthday to the baby of my babies.
Try as hard as you might, you're still cute, even when you cry. Nice try though.


maggie said...

Ohhhh.... Wish I were there to make it better! Happy
birthday little guy. Love you,

Hoovy4 said...

How do you have this picture and I don't?
Well, happy birthday to the crying boy. He is cute, even with that face!

kmay and mike said...

Crazy how the two coolest people on the planet have the same birthday?! Thanks for the post. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONEIL! (hope you like your b-day gift) :)

Plain City Dickamores said...

i love the post, this is one of my favorite pictures, also april, rachel is like aunt denise and has all the pictures haha