Friday, March 2, 2012

all warm and fuzzy inside

You know how it is.

You sell something that means a lot to you and can only hope that it's taken care of, loved exactly how you loved it.

You wonder about it from time to time. Feelings of regret for selling it, but also knowing it was for the best.

Earlier in the week, I get a text from my sister-in-law telling me she's going to send me a picture. And when I see it, my heart skipped a beat and I got all warm and fuzzy inside.

It was our Blue Car. The Volvo that had been a part of all our married life up until about 6 months ago when we decided to sell it.

Anna had seen it in a high school parking lot and went over to say hi.

It made me feel even more warm and fuzzy when she said that he was sitting there waiting for his mom. The day before he had installed a new alternator, had hooked it up wrong and the car was overheating.


Only those who have owned vintage Volvo's (or those who love older vehicle's that require lots of tender loving care) can understand how lovely that is. Having empathy and understanding for all the hard work, love and attention it takes to own a car like that, not everybody is able to have those feelings. And they are missing out.

It made me happy to see our Blue Car again.

And even happier to see that it was being loved exactly how we loved it.


kmay and mike said...

Nice to know its being well cared for and not sitting in a junk yard!