Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'twas the 4th of july...

And it all begins with a ritualistic drawing of the chalk circle.  The men gather together and decide on the the theme while the young ones look on in anticipation.

See how the flames of chalk glow with the burning of patriotism?

I think maybe the chalk drawing started to keep the kids occupied for a long, long time.  That and maybe their safety, but really to keep them away for a long time.

Even the big kids still enjoy being traced with chalk.  It keeps 'em young.

This needs to be put in vinyl.

The downside to sidewalk gets on your bum.

And then we go and get some fun things from the reservation.  It's tradition!

Meandering their way through the hundred's of firework stands to find just the right one.

"What kind of deal can I get?"  It's a phrase that's repeated frequently throughout the time spent there.

Friends for life.

Corgan and Cousin Ike....they got some good deals.

This guy will be more excited next year.  Promise.

Behold!  Just a very teensy-weensy sampling of what fun could be bought.

See, I told you, friends for life.  You don't climb trees with just anybody.

The best part of the 4th of July....homemade ice cream.  Pair that with Aunt Dorie's blackberry pie and you have just died and gone to heaven.

The money shot of everyone there.

Guess which sign I wrote?

He didn't wear shoes allllllll day.  But he's cute, so I didn't mind.

And so begins the lighting off of the fireworks with the ceremonial smoke bomb salute.

And snakes aren't so dumb when you light $20 worth at the same time!

Whilst the pyro's have their day, lots of wandering back and forth from the fireworks to the dessert table is done. Possibly on purpose, so you feel like all the walking you're doing is counteracting all the food you've eaten.

The ever-entertaining tank war.

Why is fire so much fun??

When carefully used under adult supervision, of course.
Okay, this was my favorite of the year.  Its name is Blue Balls.  And, yes, plenty of jokes were said.

And then to top off the night, the show at the lake.

See you next year!


Hoovy4 said...

A MUCH bigger crowd than last year. Fun as always, I'm sure.

to go along with your blue balls, my verification word: dicakow

ericksonzone said...

I thought of you all in your cul-de-sac setting off the fireworks here in our new neighborhood. We have two families right behind us that went crazy with the works. I would have enjoyed it more had Ben and Claire not been scared out of their minds.

Oh, and yours was the really nice polite sign.

Stephanie said...

Ah geez! And I thought my brother and husband were bad last weekend!!