Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oooooooh a swiss girl went yodeling....

I know I've been absent again.  We just got home from being gone 10 days.  But moving on to waaaay better news:

I am going to Girl's Camp, people!!

Since I have yet to be called into the Young Women's organization, I sort of invite myself when I can.  

Seriously?  What's the hold up?  

Oh.  I get it.  You can't just forget the time a couple of us went swimming and forgot our swimsuits, and that it was dark, and not safe at all, can you?

Whatever.  That was so over a decade ago and I am totally way more mature than I was back then.

Not really.  But the next time, I'd wear a life jacket.  Promise.

I'll be back here on Monday with stories to share.  Can you all please pray for the safety of my children?  They will be under the care and supervision of their Dad while I'm gone and I'd prefer if they were all here when I return. 

Squirrel, squirrel!  Shake your bushy tail!!


SarahJane said...

What lucky girls in your stake!

kmay and mike said...

LOVED GIRLS CAMP!!! Have so much fun :)

Kari said...

You are so lucky! Have fun.

The Dillon 6 said...

is he also available to watch our kids while I go to Girls Camp?! you could bring your brood over to this side and stay in our house. :)

tulip said...

Interesting. Pray they will be fine.