Monday, July 18, 2011

ketchup, get it?

Remember that joke....

What'd the mamma tomato say to the baby tomato?


That really has nothing to do with this post.  Except the catching up part.

I'm sharing some pictures of my family with you today.  The first bunch is of my mom with her two sisters and their mom.  Grandma is getting up there in years and will soon be on her way to living with her son, my Uncle, the one with the curly hair I inherited.  But shhhhh....she doesn't know yet.  So don't tell her.

My mom and her sisters are a lively bunch of gals.

Rarely a quiet moment between them as you can see from the photos.  This next one, you can tell Grandma is really not amused with her grown daughters bunny ear tactics.

In fact, she's quite peeved and says something about it.

Which was really more hysterical than she thought she was being.

She even got the granddaughters laughing.

But they ended with a nice photo.

And then it was our turn.  See?  A nice, lovely photo of the three little girls in the family.

Then the other two get in photo.  Aaron asks my brother to look sharp, and he promptly untucks his shirt and throws his tie over my shoulder.  We were raised to be proper in public.  This sure ain't public.

Then, we really start to let loose and get crazy in the pictures.

Krissy shows us how many months pregnant she is and I do some "bunny ears."  My mom yelled at me like I was 17 again.

But we ended with a nice photo, too.  The two missing siblings will be with us this weekend while we journey to the Yellowstone area of the United States for a reunion.  Ever heard of the place?

And because I can, here's another shot of my little sisters, cute, baby bump.  This is her at five months, which is what I look when I even just think about being pregnant.


kmay and mike said...

just another great set of photos on your blog! love the pictures of g'ma :) also I stole my pregnant photo and put it on FB. hope you don't mind!