Sunday, July 3, 2011

thus far

I'm still here, alive and well.  But you know, it's summer and the days all run lazily together when school's out.

We are at the Smith House for the grand ol' kilt o' sac of FIRE!!!!  It is as exciting as it sounds.  This family tradition dates back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  In fact, it was a Smith who invented fire. Just a little f.y.i. there.

Thus far on our trip we have laid in the grass and taken pictures when people aren't looking.  Like these two love birds who have been married two years and are expecting their first little baby in December.  This will be the last time we see them for a loooooong time because she's Australian and she is stealing him away to her motherland.  But he's fine with it because he served his mission there.  And he loves her as you can see.

This guy likes to throw things at me while I try and take pictures of him.

I just pretend he's not there when he takes pictures of me.

The kids have played and played and played until they crash at the end of the day.

Kinda like this:

We decided to sell part of our soul and we are selling the Blue Car. We never did come up with a proper name for it. So if you know of anyone who is dying to own a '67 Volvo, let me know.

We've met the newest member of the family. He is just as soft and lovable in real life.

And thus far, the best thing that has happened is this:

My mind is blown. This is the only way I will ever eat double stuffed oreos. Ever. Seriously? How have I never known about this genius way to stuff cookies in my mouth?  Oh, and how do you like the allergy meds in the background?  I suffer through being pregnant, he gets to suffer through seasonal allergies.  At least I produce cute babies.  He just produces snot.


Kristi Martone said...

Seems your other appendage is working once again? Or you crossed over to the dark side..... :)