Thursday, October 7, 2010

and now you know

1)My flip-flops broke yesterday.

They were technically my oldest sisters' flip-flops, but I've been the proud owner of them for the past nine years or so. Not sure if she knew that, but she does now. Thanks, April! And sorry they broke.

They were blue and I think Speedo. Aaron hated them. Haaaaaaaaaaated them. Every year, when I'd pull them out of closet when the warm weather hit, he would start praying for them to die.

I was actually on the phone with him when they broke. We were in the middle of some really deep conversation about some really deep doctrine, like, what was for dinner, when they busted. Nothing else I said mattered. Aaron was whooping for joy, laughing his head off, and saying things like, "yes!" and "finally!". And although I couldn't see him, I'm pretty sure he was jumping up and down.

I'm fine with it. I only cried for an hour.

2)My niece will be baptized on Saturday and then her baby sister will be blessed on Sunday.

My second oldest sister from Youtah will be driving up for the weekend to be there for those ordinances. Which means I have to be on my best behavior and not remind her that my husband is smarter in math than hers. Oh, the fun times I have with that one!

3)Aaron's birthday is next week. He'll be turning way older than me. 32. I have some fun posts next week that shouldn't embarrass him at all.

4)I ironed all of Aaron's work shirts today. It only took three years of my life to do it.

5) Don't forget that 10/10/10 is this Sunday!! Corgan has been reminding me all week. So don't you forget it either.


Hoovy4 said...

WHAT?!?!! you broke my flip=flops?

j/k Sorry they died. Here's hoping you find new ones soon!

ericksons said...

Hey being in your 30's isn't that bad. I turn 31 this month. I can't believe it. 32 is way older than 31. I'm not anywhere near as old...:)

Plain City Dickamores said...

Hey fuzzbucket, Jason is smarter...he can drive a train, dont you know that is what Engineers do:) LOL See you soon