Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my fault

Monday morning was made much more exciting with a two-hour trip to the ER with Cade. Like a good mother, I was letting him play on the bathroom counter while I was straightening my hair. I turned around to adjust the mirror and he reached up and grabbed the bottle full of little, white rocks Aaron and I collected on our honeymoon. And just like that, it hit the sink, shattered and Cade was left with a cut on his foot. Like my bro-in-law described it, it looked liked he kicked a knife. So off to the ER we went.

The Dr. decided it best to give him a loopy inducing medication to help him be chill and not care what was happening to him. It worked like lucky charms. And if he were older and could talk, I'm sure it would have been as funny as David after Dentist.

He was fascinated with the heart monitor light on his toe. He would forget it was there and then when he noticed it again, it was like seeing fireworks go off on the Fourth of July. "Ooooo.....light!"

He was insistent about wearing one of Lily's headbands I found in my purse to keep him busy. The nurse thought he was the silliest thing.

The medication worked so well that when the x-ray technicians wheeled their huge machine in, he just laid there like it was something that happens to him on a daily basis. They wanted to make sure no glass slivers had made there way further into his foot.

Two hours and two stitches later, we were on our way home.

I am giving myself a pat on the back because he is the first of the four kids to ever require stitches. Some of them have needed Dermabond, but Cade has the distinguished honor of being the first to be sewn shut.

Congratulations, Cade!!


Pamela said...

oh poor kid. That is not fun at all. That is very impressive that he is your first to have stitches.

bethy.d said...

Poor Cade! I hope his foot feels better super fast!

Both Adam and Natalie have had stitches under their chins...and Adam needed 2 stiches on his ear just this Labor-day weekend. But thank goodness for the loopy meds, huh? But even with meds, getting stitches is no fun.

And btw...can I just say, I love Cade's chubby feet! Chubby baby feet & hands are the best. :)

Plain City Dickamores said...

way to be so brave CADE!!!, glad they gave you some good drugs:)

Stan and Jamie said...

congrats! I will say to you what I said to myself while Kayden was getting stitched up..."the first of many"

Hoovy4 said...

WHAT!?!?! They gave him loopy drugs? Sooo not fair! With both Caleb and Abby's many times to the ER no numbing drugs were involved at all. Humph... maybe we should move to Ellensburg. I like your docs better!