Thursday, March 25, 2010

that's a load of carbs

When I was in high school, I clipped something out of the newspaper, it read:

"Your body engine is running on what you ate the day before yesterday."

First, who does that now anyways? Clips things from newspapers...that's totally an ancient civilization form of communication. I might as well have said, "I broke off a piece of hieroglyph..."

Second, I've been carbo loading in preparation for the marathon. It's kind of fun. Let's see how much bread and pasta and rice I can eat without puking! Not really, but they say it's completely normal to put on a few pounds prior to the big race because of the amount of carbohydrates you put into your body.

I'm guessing the Sonic burger and onion rings I had for lunch yesterday aren't the kind of carbs I need to be eating.

And lastly, do you know why at road races they have so many port-o-potty's((ies?))? It's something I also learned in high school; back when I was an impressionable freshman gaining knowledge from the wise upperclassmen boys on the cross country team.

It's because of P.R.P's.

Pre-Race Poopies.

A majority of runners need to relieve themselves of that sort of thing before they commence with running. It's just a fact of life for some runners.

Doesn't that make you want to sign-up for the next 5k?


Oh, well. More potty's for the rest of us.


Melissa said...

It's true.

I still remember the "you are running off of what you ate the day before yesterday" and have passed on that information. All I remember is that I heard it in cross country...maybe it was from you and the newspaper clipping

The Dillon 6 said...

I have a friend who has run (literally) dozens of marathons. He claims that die-hards don't bother with the Honey Buckets...they just find a spot alongside the road (preferably in the trees) and let women together. Kind of a bonding experience.

And if you're tring to sway us non-runners into're failing.

I wish you MUCH luck!!!!

ray-ray says said...

It sounds like the w.r.p.'s

The Whole Race Poopies

What a crappy race.

ray-ray says said...

melissa- i don't think i could go the whole race without any're crazy!

missy- c'mon! you know you want to run one. ;)

husband- i think you need to get your own google account. and it will only be a crappy race if you're not there at the finish line like last time. oooo...burn. ;)

Hoovy4 said...

Well, they sure don't need that many port-o-potties at the finish line. They should put them about 30 minutes down the road - for the "other" p.r.p.s....
the Post race poopies!

If you hadn't been such a superwoman we would have been at the finish line last time! Good luck tomorrow!