Monday, March 22, 2010

let down your hair

Spring Break is this week.

Heaven help me.

Our first order of business was cutting Lily's hair. She woke-up this morning and said that she wanted her "hair cut short like Joanna's is, 'cause her mom lets her have her hair short" and that's how she wants her hair to be like.

Her Daddy will find out when he comes home from work.

Heaven help me.

While we're on the subject of hair, I have a magic wand that makes my fuzzbucket mane straight as straw.

And did you know that Disney is working on a movie about Rapunzel?

Now you do.


The Royals said...

Your hair is cute straight! But I am still envious of your fuzzbucket mane!

Josh and Jolie said...

That's so funny that she wanted her hair to be like Joanna's! We cut Joanna's because it seemed to be getting in her way most of the time. (Probably because I never do anything with my girls' hair?!)
Lily's cut looks very cute!! Great job Rachel!!

Anjuli Fry said...

Oh that is too cute both Lily's and yours!! I need your magic wand!! I love my curly hair but need help doing it straight every once in a while!!!!

ericksons said...

Rachel! You look so good. It is weird not seeing you with curls, but not a bad weird. :) And with Lily, sometimes it just has to go. Emma doesn't like to get her hair trimmed or cut. I have to be very persuasive and tell her that it will grow better after a cut and be healthier, and on and on. Way to go! What did Aaron say?

ray-ray says said...

cindy---It's not just you....Aaron thinks I look weird with straight hair, too. ;) And the kids all make comments like what happened to my other hair? Is it coming back? Just something to do to shake things up around here.

Plain City Dickamores said...

I think your beautiful either way, but then i am your sista:) Lily's hair is darling;)

Mojo said...

I have never seen your hair that straight.

The Dillon 6 said...

love it!

Funny thing ~ if you hadn't pointed out that you'd straightened your hair, I wouldn't have noticed. :)

texasmom said...

My guys - all of them - think I look "weird" if I don't have my curly fuzzies. I've tried a magic wand a couple of times, but I never got it to look as smooth as your looks. What kind of wand? Oh, and I agree with look beautiful either way.