Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I've been feeling like this blog thing has become the chore I keep avoiding.

So to at least get a little something done here, I'm going to post some random photos from the past litle while here in Smith-land.

They are mostly all of my kids. But since they are the cutest in the universe, I know you won't mind.

took a trip here.

lily got a hold of the camera in the van.

she's so happy to be here because she knows you can get some bomb doughnuts just around the corner.

i love these doughnuts. but bring cash. they don't accept any card of any kind. it's 2010, right?
just checking.

she also tried her hand at becoming a tattoo artist.

and Corgan thought he'd do his own hair for school.
don't worry,
i did lie and say it looked way awesome-er than any other boys' hair i've seen.
then i tousled it before he left the van.

and Cade has become the climber.
he just wanted to check his facebook.

token spaghetti-face picture.

and the couch ninja strikes again!


Tami said...

No lie, your kids ARE some of the cutest in the universe! I love the one of Corgan after he did his own hair! So funny!! :)

Smith Family said...

Cute pics. Jake started fixing his own hair for church. Is there any way out that doesn't make them feel bad and let's you fix it without them getting really mad?