Sunday, December 7, 2008

sunday highlights

-Getting to church and realizing Blake has dried egg yolk in his hair. And using a baby wipe to try and get it out.

-The cute, little old lady who gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting. It was more like a personal prayer. Lots of thanking for her blessings and her health. Pretty funny. I can't wait to get old and say things like that and be able to get away with it. Because really, who's going to correct an 85 year old lady? Not me.

-Giving the lesson in Relief Society and not bombing.

-The sister who gave the closing prayer in Spanish because she felt more comfortable doing it that way.

-SUNDAY NAP!! A 2 hour nap. And yes, everybody was sleeping.

-Talking to family on the phone.

-Driving around and looking at Christmas lights with the kids. Hearing Blake say "Oooooooo", every time we saw any lights.


The Dillon 6 said...

that sounds like a PERFECT Sunday (minus the egg yolk, but hooray for wipies!). :)