Friday, December 5, 2008

patience is not my middle name

Right now most everybody in the world are counting down the days until Christmas.

Me, I 'm counting down the days until I can run again. Earlier this week my desire for lacing up my running kicks was almost unbearable, I almost did venture out in the cold for a run. Almost. But then I thought of how much effort it would take to put on those shoes and the feeling subsided. Oh, I know. I'm in my ninth month of being pregnant. I wouldn't have gotten very far or have gone very fast. But oh! To be running!! Be still my beating heart.

I have always felt nostalgic towards running a couple times a year. In the spring and fall. Reason being that those particular times of the year coincide with when I would be running track or cross country in junior high and high school. And I think now I have to add this time of the year because this was when I started training for my marathon last December. Starting my runs before the sun woke-up and finishing with my face and hair frosted over. Ahhhh....those were the days.

But I know I'm not that crazy. Because of this article I read yesterday.

There are more of me out there. I am not alone in my desire to run.

One summer when I was high school, my dad was trying to get me to go out and go running, to get ready for the upcoming cross country season. I don't remember what lame teenager excuse I gave him for not wanting to go. But he told me, "Go running. That's what you do is run. If you were a butler, you'd buttle. You're a runner. Go running."

Besides the made up word 'buttle', everything else in that statement is true. I'm a runner and I want to go running. Who cares if I'm about to birth my fourth child?

Patience, rachel, patience.


Beth Tunnell said...

I think there is just different levels in crazy. The guy in the article has jumped off the crazy-for-running graph, and you definitely haven't got there yet. But reminiscing about frost covered runs atleast places you on it. I gotta jump back on the bandwagon. My empty baby house is getting bigger without necessity.

Tami said...

I envy you...I'm a wanna-be runner. I don't know what's stopping me....It's not like I'm about to birth my fourth child or anything. ;)

Mama Brown said...

wow you are so dedicated. Running scares me. I admire anyone who runs alot and actually enjoys it.

k.may and mike said...

really good article Ray. it reminded me of when dad signed us up for the tacoma narrows 5k,but it turned out to be 7 frickin miles!! :)
its nice to know there are others out there not afraid to say they love to run for fun!