Wednesday, May 7, 2008

drama princess

Here's the back story--- Blake got a bloody nose earlier, he had tripped. After Lily was put to bed, she started to yell that she was bleeding. I went in and checked, no blood. She was tucked back into her bed. The video is of her standing at the door, it's about 4 minutes into her second tirade.

thankful things:

1- Quick Chicks!! Brandy, Lore and Tiffany started a Triathlon training group. Anybody is welcome to come and workout. They put together a training schedule for us to follow. We meet every morning from 6:30-7:30, and depending on the day we'll either swim, bike or run. And the best part is that it's FREE!! They are doing it for fun!!! Our first day of practice was on Monday. There's about 11 gals who show-up each morning. It's awesome! THANK YOU, Brandy, Lore and Tiffany!!!!

2- Aaron for going into work just little bit later so that I'm able to workout in the mornings!!

3- Longer days. I love it when it's still light outside after 8pm. I love being able to be able to do activities outside and just enjoy the evenings/nights more. Now we just need the hot weather to go along with it!


TheDillon6 said...

i thought for sure she was going to come out COVERED in blood. I'm so glad I was wrong. Aside from the stifled giggles in the background, I think you're very patient parents!! ;)

The Riner's said...

That is so funny. How she looks at you in the end melts your heart and in her head she is like aren't i so cute. i think she really looks like you. i never really looked to hard. but in this video she does. cute video to show her future husband some day and then her kids. lol. i'm bleeding. so cute. i love lili