Sunday, May 4, 2008

the circus was in town

Lily's real birthday is on the 11th, but it worked out to have her birthday party yesterday. And party we did. We had a mini circus with coloring and face painting and even pony rides! Our friends, the Hajny's have all sorts of livestock, and they were kind enough to let us borrow Blue for the day. They were out of town, so Aaron got to haul Blue back and forth in our Vanagon. The pictures speak volumes. THANK-YOU to everyone who came and helped Lily celebrate turning 3!!

thankful things:

1- no wind and no rain for the party! it was cloudy and a chilly 65 degrees, but thankfully the rain didn't start until after the party ended!! and of course today is sunny, blue skies and 71 degrees.
2- we had our "dos de mayo" ward party on friday. goooooood mexican food and lots of fun.
3- our friend's son was baptized last night. i brought corgan along, thought he might like to see someone being baptized. he was really reverent and quiet through the whole thing. after torrey had confirmed his son, they were standing in the front for just a moment before they sat down. after they sat down, corgan leans up and whispered, "his daddy is so proud of him." heart melted and i started to cry. one, because corgan was touched by the Spirit and two, because that's going to be him in 3 very short years. how come time flies by so much faster after having babies? then the man giving the closing prayer had white hair. i've got my eyes closed and my arms are folded and corgan again leans up and whispers in my ear, "he has white hair. he's going to die. everyone with white hair dies." he said it in such a matter-of-fact tone, it was too funny. but he totally believes his theory. on the way home i asked him what his favorite part was of the baptism. "well, the part that he was baptismed wasn't very long. when he was under the water, it was too short." i told him that a person doesn't need to be under water for a long time, just a quick dunk, because we can't breathe under water. "well, i can breathe under water. when i'm baptismed, i'm going to tell daddy to keep me under the water for a long time."


TheDillon6 said...

that is one HIGH bar for Birthdays. She looks like a very happy Cowboy Circus Princess! :)

Joshua and Jolie said...

That was a great idea to have a pony for the kids to ride! (I bet you're glad that you laid down that tarp in the van, eh?!) I absolutely love the picture of her on the pony. It's so precious! I can't believe that she's THREE already! It still seems like yesterday when I'd see you going for walks when you were pg with her.

Oh and I was very touched by the story of Corgan at the baptism. ;-)

Stan and Jamie said...

okay, my mom was here with me last night and we were looking at your blog and just laughing our heads off!! The pony in the van is the best thing I've seen in a long time!!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

mojo said...

you really are good at composing pictures! I love the lollipop shot.