Monday, January 14, 2008


Blake is going on day 8 of being sick. It all started last Monday with a couple throw-ups that could be mistaken for REALLY big spit-ups. Then the watery bum followed and has stayed with us since then. Oh, the joy. I took him to see the pediatrician on Friday and he said to give Blake another couple days for whatever "bug" he had to clear up. Well, tonight we went to the Ellensburg Mall ((known to the locals as Fred Meyer)) and as Aaron was looking at movies and Corgan and Lily were listening to music, Blake threw-up. It started with coughing and then proceeded into the up-chuck stage. Directly in front of us was a couple so engrossed with which season of Scrubs to get that they didn't even notice poor Blake leaving what he thought of Fred Meyer's on the floor. I walked over to the check-out and nobody was there so I reached back and grabbed the roll of paper towels ((which were about as absorbent as plastic wrap)) and we cleaned up the mess. But Blake has been a trooper through it all. You wouldn't even know he was sick unless you were witness to a diaper change or the occasional throw-up. He is such a good baby! I love him for how happy and laid-back he is, always going with the flow. Just so content with watching and playing with his brother and sister. It is amazing to me at how even at such a young age their spirits are already so strong and wanting to be known.

I haven't done these for awhile......
thankful things:
1-egg nog. Super 1 had some there last week so I bought some. It's funny to have the kids like it so much. They take after their nog-drinking dad.
2-good friends. I've been thinking a lot of how much I'm going to miss this place if we ever move. It has been such a blessing to live here and have friends who are in the same situation of going to school and having a family and no money. ;) And even for the friends who are done with their schooling and living here ((lucky)), I love them all!
3-football. I've always enjoyed watching football. Probably another thing that can be attributed to my dad and brothers watching it growing up. It's sad the Seahawks are done, but at least we have another few games before basketball season starts. ((no offense to those of you who like watching basketball)) I don't mind playing a bit, just not as fun to watch.

We went sledding on Friday with our neighbors' the Erickson's. Here's a few snapshots:


corgan carrying the sled

top of the hill

lily cruising down with blake

corgan going down for the billionth time


Hayter Family said...
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Hayter Family said...

So Kellen has probably thrown up more times in the Ellensburg Fred Meyer than our house. Sorry to hear about Blake -he's so darn cute. We miss you guys so much and anxiously await your visit to ny.

love ya,

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Blake is a happy little guy. He didn't make a peep at my mom's house and I was so impressed.

TheDillon6 said...

sorry to hear that! It's definitely a nasty strain of flu this go-'round. It hit us shortly before Christmas...doesn't want to let go. Good luck!!

PS -- can't believe Blake goes SLEDDING! ;)