Thursday, January 24, 2008

catching up

Lots has happened in the past week and a half. We've had success with the potty training, Corgan is phasing out of naps, Blake is now 9 months and has a top tooth coming in, I hate running in single digit weather and we're pregnant. Just kidding. It seemed like the thing to write since it seems to be catching. ((Anjuli, Jordan(?), and Jolie)) I'll just stop drinking the water. Oh, wait. That will be easy since our pipes froze yesterday. The hot water side in the kitchen was frozen. The office told us to crank up the heat and turn our oven on. Great advice for running up our heating bill. Instead, we put a space heater in front of the open cupboards overnight and today I had hot water to do dishes again. Dang. ;)

So YAY!!! Lily has been in panties for a whole week! We have had a few accidents but that is expected. Yesterday, Aaron caught her trying to "empty out" her undies in the toilet. She didn't quit make it in time to go poo. And she doesn't go pee, she "tinkle, tinkles". But it sounds more like, "tink-ol, tink-ol". I think we owe it all to Mike and Ike's. For whatever reason they are what did the trick. That and I think she was finally ready. So thank-you, Mike and Ike, for getting Lily to go "tinkle" in the potty.

I knew this day was coming but I didn't want it to. Corgan no longer really needs to nap. It has been so glorious to have all three kids taking a nap in the afternoon. From about 1-3:30, sometimes 4, I would have time to be somewhat alone to do what needed to get done, read, get on the computer, or even take a nap myself. But Corgan goes to bed better at night without a nap and that I think, is a better option than alone time for me in the afternoon. He now knows he has "quiet time". He usually plays with his legos. That kid is a whiz with that stuff. He's better at it than I am. He lays out the directions, as he calls them, and puts the stuff together. It's pretty cool.

Blake had his 9 month check-up today. It's hard to believe he's already that old. I still feel like I just had Corgan sometimes. I wonder if that feeling will ever go away. And he is FINALLY back to his normal self! Whatever bug he had kept him solemn and pretty mute for 2 weeks. Not to mention all the yucky stuff he had accompanied with that. But, hallelujah! he's back! Jabbering and crawling everywhere again. He is usually up about an hour past the other two's bedtime and I think he enjoys that time. He has mom and dad all to himself!

It is taking everything I have to get up and go running in the mornings. It has been so cold here the past couple weeks, I don't think it's been above 20 degrees the past week. The past 3 mornings it's been -2, 0, and 3 degrees. I think it's almost warm outside when it hits 30. What the heck was I thinking training for a marathon in winter? Oh, I know. It's to avoid the lovely spring wind we get here in Eburg. Running with 30-40 mph gusts seemed to be worse than below freezing temps. Those of you who have lived here know what I'm talking about. How when it's so windy for so long when the wind finally stops, you think something bad is about to happen because it gets all quiet and feels weird to go outside without being blown away. I guess I should be thankful we don't have winter winds. That would suck.

thankful things:

1-warm running clothes.

2-sugar cookies

3-success with the potty training!!!


Stan and Jamie said...

Rachel, congrats on the potty training...I'm sort of working on Kayden, but I just need to DO IT!! He poos in the toilet all on his own, but it's getting hime to pee that is a different story!! (He just does it when it's convenient!!...before bed time, or to get up out of bed!) and Kyler is ready to not be napping any more too...sad sad day! I'm still fighting to hold on to it, but he usually only sleeps for 30 minutes, and then I'm frustrated when he gets up and interrupts my "ME" time! Maybe I should invest in some legos! You are a stud for running out there in that cold!!! Keep it up! and goold luck with the marathon training!!

aaron & rachel smith said...

Thanks, Jamie! Your mom just told me a hilarious story about Kayden being caught in your closet going poo in your dresser!? So funny! Not so funny when it happens, but funny looking back at it. ;)

Nate and Marcie said...

Congrats on the potty-training! And I can't believe you're out running in that cold of weather, that's crazy, but awesome!

Joshua and Jolie said...

I think you are made of steel, or one of those other durable metals, for running in this weather!! You must be pioneer stock.
I must be fairy stock because I shutter at the thought of breathing in all that cold air...not to mention TRAINING FOR A MARATHON on top of it!!

Good for you!!!! You inspire me.