Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why me?

This past week has made me feel just a little bit of what Job must have felt like. Monday, Blake woke up from his morning nap with pink eye. Found out that afternoon that our Vanagon needs a new clutch and were quoted $1,000 to fix it. ((thank goodness for the internet and a mechanically inclined husband, it will only be just over a 1/10th of that)) Then Tuesday, Corgan and Lily had pink eye, I had strep throat ((still do)), Blake had a yeast infection. Friday, I woke up with pink eye. And to top the week off, Bishop Calaway came over tonight and released Aaron from his Sunday School calling ((this actually was a good/bad thing---he's had the calling for 4 years but because he went from Elder's Quorum Secretary to First Counselor ((like a month ago)), they needed to release him)). So the Bishop released him, then turned to me and said that it was my turn. He said they were releasing me from being Primary Secretary. :( Wait, let me add tears to that :.....( I totally started crying, I wasn't expecting that to happen. The entire presidency is being reorganized thus the release. I LOVED my calling. I thought when I was called 2 years ago, how unfulfilling it was going to be. I couldn't have been more wrong. Being with the children each week was so spiritually uplifting. To listen to their simple answers, hear their sweet voices when they sing, getting to know and really love each and every one. I didn't think that I would feel such sadness being released. I also feel sad because I won't be there to watch Corgan be a cute little Primary boy anymore. But all things happen to help us become stronger and more faithful. So I've decided that after this week of my little trials I'm going to be better about being more thankful. More thankful for the things that I've been given and thankful for the situations I'm put in to experience. Each week I'll post 3 things that I've been thankful for. I am using this blog as a sort of lazy man's journal so I might as well add something a little more worthwhile to it.
1-First and foremost I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. They are the reason for my happiness. I am thankful for the gospel in my life and the knowledge I have because of it.
2-What would I do without my husband? I love him, I love him, I love him! And I love him even more for loving me back. He gets me and all of my craziness. He is the patriarch and provider for our little family and I really appreciate how hard he works so I can stay home and be a mom. His own testimony of the gospel and his steadfastness is a strength to me.
3-My kids! I am thankful for my 3 crazy kids. ((the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)) Each day I fall in love with them over and over again. They teach me so much all the time, especially about the pure love of Christ. They love unconditionally and are so forgiving of me and the mistakes I make as being their mother.

Compared to Job, this past week has been a cake walk. But it has made me want to be more aware of things I should be thankful for and not take them for granted.


Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

Oh Rachel! Here's another thing you can be grateful for, being stronger than me. I would go nuts! Nuts with exhaustion. Keep up the good work!

TheDillon6 said...

It has taken me a little over 3 weeks to get over the shock and sadness of being released as Primary President. I have never "mourned" the "loss" of a calling before, but I have totally felt out of sorts since then. Oddly enough, I was asked to sub the first 2 weeks and in December I will teach "Moonbeams" (the kids who will be Sunbeams in January). Knowing that they can RELEASE me from Primary, but that they can't make me LEAVE Primary has helped a lot! ;)