Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Ellensburg's National Spelling Bee

For the past month or so, Corgan has been constantly asking me to spell words for him. It usually happens when we're in the vanagon driving somewhere. His choice of words are all over the place. Airplane, calculator, leaf, house, light, stomach, car, blanket, goat, pumpkin, you get the idea. Most of them have to do with the different Transformers. So I've been feeling like I'm in a spelling bee. ((to digress just for a second, anytime the kids see a yellow car, they yell out BUMBLEBEE! or if it's a diesel truck, OPTIMUS PRIME! and every so often it'll be Barricade or Ratchet))

C: Mom, can you spell Transformers?

Me: Transformers. t-r-a-n-s-f-o-r-m-e-r-s. Transformers.

C: Can you spell fire truck?

Me: Fire Truck. f-i-r-e t-r-u-c-k. Fire truck.

A few times I've even asked him to use it in a sentence.

Two days ago, I was in the kitchen making dinner and he was in the living room playing with his transformers.

C: Mom, can you spell All Spark? ((it's the source of power for transformers))

I spell it.

C: How do spell fart?

Me: I'm not going to spell that word, it's not a very nice word to say.

C: But mom, it rhymes with spark. Fart, spark. Did you hear that? It rhymes! Fart, spark! Fart, spark! Fart, spark!

Me: Corgan....that's enough! Don't say it again.

I'm just glad we were in different rooms because he would have seen me trying not to laugh and smiling a little too much.


Stan and Jamie said...

thanks for the little dialogue there, I was laughing just picturing it!! I actually made that layout...I just find free digital scrapbooking papers and download them, then put them on photobucket and change the html on my blog layout. It's something I do when I'm REALLY bored and have some time on my hands!! (So not very often! ;)

Emily and Nathan said...

That is so funny! You know Ethan has been doing the same thing. Sometimes I can get him sound out and spell the words himself. I also think it is funny that he mostly does it in the car also.

Hayter Family said...

Cat Fur!

aaron & rachel smith said...

that still makes me laugh....!!!!